74 thoughts on “Shall We Repair To The Bedroom?

      1. Cup of tea anyone

        Wait you can have the two single beds pushed together or separated. For one person that would be alright but you couldn’t have two.
        How were they allowed to build that?

  1. Wrathfarnham

    Handy for the auld breakfast in bed. We need to shrink down these apartments to stimulate developers – stupid organic life forms with their endless need for space…

    1. ahjayzis

      Stasis cubes are the future all right. You don’t need space if you’re sedated and placed in a rejigged coffin between shifts at work.

          1. scottser

            i thought of a few more but forgot to edit. but you win the pedant’s prize today – fair play to both of ye :)

          1. St. John Smythe

            Charging by the week feels quaint. It reminds me of the days of getting paid on a Thursday afternoon in a little brown envelope.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Narrow-minded people forget that many businesspeople just need a ‘pad’ in Dublin instead of frequenting hotels. Or strictly work Mon-Fri here and retreat home for the weekend. For that market this is perfect. For hosting dinner parties or rearing a family it is simply not.

    1. Wrathfarnham

      Yes, perhaps someone working in the bacon industry who sees value in smelling of the product they sell for instance.

      Alternatively, it could just be bare faced greed – actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

    2. 15 cents

      but on the ad the minimum lease is for 6 months. if it was by weekly basis it would make sense being a business trip thing. but its not.

      1. St. John Smythe

        I know of one or two people (grown ups) with corporate jobs that have their main home with missus and kids etc in one city and then a mid-week ‘studio flat’ in the another city they have to go to work in.

  3. Owen C

    Its high but not crazy. High spec finish and decent location. Will be appealing to young commuter types who will barely be in it during the week and wont be there at weekends.

    1. FK

      It’s absolutely crazy! People need to stop accepting and excusing this nonsense. This is just pure greed from yet another money-grubbing scumbag. It raises the overall levels of rent because other greedy scumbags see one getting away with it and figure they can too. I’m well aware that good business is exploiting a need in the market. This is exploiting a housing crisis. That’s just being a bottomhole.

      1. Owen C

        How does this make a landlord a “money-grubbing scumbag”. They have invested in their asset and are now putting it into the market. If people don’t want to live in a high spec studio apartment they can live in a poorer quality flat share at a cheaper cost. This is one of those situations (a landlord willing to invest in his property, rather than let it remain the hovel that it was previously) that we should be encouraging, not vilifying. Who else is going to invest in residential property investment other than, you know, investors seeking a profit?

        1. Cark

          Mate, there’s other posts on this website that you can take the moral other side on. This, is not it. That price is absolutely preposterous for that dive.

      2. Rob_G

        Don’t rent it, so. No one is forced to rent a small flat in Rathmines; you could rent a larger flat a bit further out or in a less fashionable area for the same rent.

        1. 15 cents

          it will be rented tho .. out of necessity. its v hard to get gaffs out there now. 100s of applicants for each place. and if youve been turned away a load of times, you might be inclined to just give this one a whirl. then the more and more demand there is, other landlords see that they can get away with this, and itll be the norm. thats why there needs to be some kind of regulations put in place, landlords just go by their own rules. i fully hate them. theyre a shower of greedy pigs. to me they represent what all people in ireland do with a bit of power and free reign.. abuse it and get greedy.

    2. george

      It’s not high spec. There is a bottle of wine on the counter and some candle holders probably bought somewhere like Woodies. There is nothing high spec on display here. It is just a well taken photo of a very small apartment.

  4. Stewart Curry

    If you meet your mistress more than once a week it’s probably cheaper than a hotel. As for the kitchen smells you can always eat out.

  5. 15 cents

    and this is exactly the kind of accom set up thats becoming more and more prevalant here, and itll get worse. thatll look like a mansion in a few years.. theyre bringing in the matchbox king or whatever hes called, the chinese lad, he’s guna have dublin scattered with these.

      1. 15 cents

        i forgot that if you don remember where someones from then you’re a racist. and what a pity, i was really enjoying being not racist. but sure i must be now. if that bloke was from australia, but i got it wrong and said he was a kiwi, would i also still be a racist in that incident or..?

        1. Owen C

          I didn’t call u a racist. But u seem to think u might be one. I just thought u might be throwing out a reference to someone you only had a vague knowledge of and therefore didn’t really know very much about.

          1. 15 cents

            absolute tosh .. so why would you add “all the same really i suppose, right?” at the end? squirmer. and im not a racist. even tho as a black guy we’ve had a lot of stick over the years, i still dont view all white people to be the same.

          2. Owen C

            The “all the same really” comment is designed to show the Irish view of the world where many of us dont really put much effort into differentiating between people from similar parts of the world. Its not racism, its just stupidity. If you said “those feckin Yanks” when talking about Canadians, I’d have said the same.

          3. 15 cents

            so because i couldnt recall where that bloke was from, im stupid? i briefly skimmed one article about him a few weeks ago, and i couldnt remember where he was from other than he was asian.. so now im stupid. sorry, stupid and a racist. well ive learned a lot about myself today. thanks Owen C! (starting to realise what the C stands for)

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      France it’s 11m2 at legal rental price anything under unless at a massivly reduced price incurs major fines

    2. Markus

      Minimum standards relate to dual aspect, the number of apartments per stair core and height. This is making it more expensive to build apartments and restricting supply in Dublin city

  6. AlisonT

    I guess the people who don’t want to live in this will just go elsewhere. There are loads of properties available if you are willing to live a bit outside the city like most home owners and landlords.

    1. pops

      I’ve never understood that mulish attitude of ‘Well, I’ve suffered, so I expect everybody else to suffer, too.’ Rather than thinking: ‘You know what, that sucks that you’re suffering, and it sucks that I’m suffering, I’m going to swing my support behind advocating for change, so that things are better for all of us.’

      It’s an adolescent howl of frustration, and not only does it do nobody any good, it actively stands in the way of anything goddamn changing.

  7. MJ

    “suitable for 2 people sharing”

    Yes. Yes of *course* someone would share this with a non-partner. SO much space between the 2 singles there. Massive.

    The mind boggles.

  8. bobsyerauntie

    Over 1000 a month for this!..
    What a scam! Landlord obviously has no scruples. This is exploiting the housing crisis. It’s a bedsit for gods sake. Tart it up all you like. I lived in a bedsit in portobello, several years ago, was much more basic than this, and the bedroom kinda was the kitchen as well! But it was strangely cosy (although I never ate there because it was too small and there was no table to eat off and after a year I got out of it) and I was being ripped off back then at 600 euro per week! the landlord used to collect the money from the apartment when I wasn’t there, he had a key, and he liked to do it that way. Think he just liked snooping to be honest and liked the idea of keeping me in my place. Irish landlords are absolute sleeveen, gombeen, sociopaths. There are a few nice ones, but in all my years of renting, and living all over Dublin from bedsits, house shares to flats and apartments etc, I have to say Irish landlords are just as bad as the English landlords were in colonial times, they see tenants as money machines, they have utter contempt for their tenants, and they are so underhanded and exploitative… There’s a special place in hell for these assholes…

    1. Anne

      I assume you meant 600 per month.
      Had a landlord wanting to do that too..asking me to leave the rent over the ESB meter inside the front door and he’d collect it when it suited him. Told him he could ring or knock on the door and not to enter my home, under any circumstances unannounced. I could be in my underwear ffs.

  9. Anne

    I wonder are the banks lending to couples/single people wanting to buy an apartment, as opposed to investors.

    You could get a decent enough apartment for 130k up there I’d say.
    A first time buyer would need to come up with 13k of a deposit.
    Leaving a mortgage of 117k.
    That’s only about 630 per month on a term over 25 years.

    And if you had two bedrooms, you could get someone in to help with the rent/yearly maintenance fee.

    You’d be better off doing that, than trying to scrimp and save for the ideal 3 bed semi for donkey years.
    You’d be able to save more every month and your monthly mortgage payment is increasing your equity on sale of the apt.

    1. Anne

      Forgot to say, you’d need to earn about 33k PA, to get the mortgage required on that.
      3.5 times annual salary. That’s for a single person.. couple would be combined income x 3.5

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