33 thoughts on “Syriasly?

  1. Avon Barksdale

    Neither parties are sharing it actually, someone on Facebook created it as satire obviously and put their insignias on it

  2. RobinBoy

    I despise the EDL and Co as much as any but I cannot find this original tweet so seems like a photoshop job to me. Sorry.

    Happy to be proven wrong.

  3. Anomanomanom

    I hope that’s an intended joke. Because edl, u kip or whoever it may be can not be that funny with doing it on purpose.

  4. Murtles

    Damn immagrunts comin’ over ‘ere stealing our acting jobs

    *Cut to Coronation Street Epsidoe 01/10/2015 – Interior Roys Rolls
    RITA : There’s your meat pie Mr Cube, you fancy a bacon buttie with that too?
    CUBE : Nah Ria, gotta bust my a** and git stompin’ with Lil Treyshawn downna that mother******* piece a s*** bi*** auntie of his
    RITA : Ooohh ‘ave a great day so lovey.
    CUBE : Word!
    * Enter Steve Mc Donald, looks straight at camera then looks vacantly below camera to read his lines from autocue

  5. Owen

    This reminds me of the time Neil Diamond wrote that song about how he hated immigrants.
    ” on the boats and on the planes… their coming to America”.

    True story.

  6. Conor

    Lol, Aoife…. did you get trolled by the trollers who are trolling the original trollers? This was set up as p*ss take.

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