19 thoughts on “Going Somewhere?

  1. Medium Sized C

    I’m actually not sure what the eventuals around “who is responsible if a tenant leaves without paying the water bill” are.
    But if that liability is on the landlord, then this is totally fair.

    Forcing somebody else to pay your charges for you is not fair protest. Its being a total d1ck.

    1. AlisonT

      The Gov passed a law making it the responsibility of the Landlord to pay water charges for unpaid tenants so this is totally fair.

    2. Paolo

      The ultimate responsibility to pay falls on the property owner if the person residing at the property skips town so I fail to see what is wrong with the letter above.

  2. ceo

    If IW are going to chase the landlord for the tenant’s unpaid bills (which is a bit s*$t) then this seems fair enough. But AFAIK once the water bill goes in the tenant’s name then it’s the tenant’s responsibility like any other utility. If they move without paying the utility has to find some other way of chasing them.

  3. donkey_kong

    don’t pay your last months rent cancel the standing order and let them take it from the deposit.

    landlords…bourgeois capitalist lizard people

  4. Tibor

    Pretty sure your lease (as most standard templates do) that you read and signed said that you will pay all applicable charges to the premises.
    What was your hope? That the internet would cry “outrage” and you could tell your landlord that “the internet thinks you’re wrong”?

  5. Kolmo

    Can a landlord sign a contract with IW (or anyone else) to oblige a third party (tenant) to pay for something the third party had not consented to contract? I hardly think this proxy-contract could be enforced, and the rental deposit has nothing to do with IW, regardless of the legally baseless implication by IW.

    If this is the case, it follows that two parties can create a contract between themselves to get an non-consenting third party bound contractually? nonsense.

    1. AlisonT

      That is exactly what the government have done – it is the law that landlords are responsible for unpaid water charges.

    2. Eur O'Sceptic

      Tibor, my contract states that myself and my wife are liable for any electricity, telephone and gas bills. Nowhere does it state that water charges are part of that liability.

  6. ahyeah

    I’d object more to the “In the meantime we may need to gain access to facilitate viewings…endeavour to give 24 hours notice”

    Go and poo would be my response to that.

  7. marc swords

    Landlord needs to put water in their own name and add it onto rent, that way tenant makes their stand and landlord free of the hassles IW want to inflict on them.

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