21 thoughts on “Pidgin

  1. ahjayzis

    I like them! I’ve been looking for random stuff to decorate my Dickensian London hovel with.

    But A3 is a uselessly small size for something like this, you may as well sell the image file for people to print them out themselves like. Go bigger!

      1. ahjayzis

        No, I’m thinking of A3, I work in A1 and A0 so I know how small A3 is! ;o)

        I wouldn’t pay 20 squid for anything less than A2 to be honest, I have an A3 printer, most workplaces do, I’d rather buy a soft copy and print it myself, like the guy who was giving away custom maps on here as prizes.

        Look at the borders of the prints, they reduce the main image to A4 in most cases anyway.

  2. Constance

    Meh, wouldn’t even hang em in the jacks. Whats worse is trying to pass these phases off a Dublin slang. Looking at site the Dublin bus and Northside ones can be connected to Dublin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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