The Rays Of Our Life



Ahead of his chat show debut on Saturday.

A Morricone-drenched telly retrospective.

Rayna Connery at RTÉ writes:

In advance of his TV chat show debut on The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday, Ray has been raiding the vaults at RTÉ to look back at some of his “best bits”! The Ray D’arcy Show airs this Saturday on RTÉ One at 9.45pm….


34 thoughts on “The Rays Of Our Life

        1. meadowlark

          And honestly, even now, I think I’d take Ray over Ryan.

          Tubs just… gives me the creeps. And that is being polite about it.

        1. rory

          I think that was the point. He was the dependable ‘straight man’ to Zig/Zag/Dustin’s roguery. The boring responsible adult for their anarchic behaviour to bounce off of.

          1. B Bop

            This…what Rory says…he was a complete boring jumper on the den…even Ian Dempsey gave more chuckle & high jinks…Ray Darcy…banal, grey, meh, monotones little man coated in average.
            Had to wince at the “Fever” sexy time tune they bestowed on him for this upcoming average chat show mess.
            He either knows something on someone in Aaarrrshee-ee or they truly haven’t moved on from thinking these Ray Darcy types are still Hip to the Groove- FFS.

    1. Mikeyfex

      The ad for his new show came on the other night and the Hungarian with us asked me to explain the tuts and eye-rolls from around the room. As I explained who he was and what we thought of him out loud for the first time, it was the first I understood that it’s way worse because he was so well liked when people my age were kids.

      1. scottser

        You should have just told your mate that ray was a syrian refugee, he’d have been first in with the tear gas.

  1. Quint

    So, basically it’s Brendan O’Connor’s show with a new presenter: some up and coming Irish band getting their brief moment in the sun and random, mediocre z-list celebrities who happen to be in Dublin for the weekend. And why, why, why, do we have 2 chat shows on consecutive nights? Is that all RTE can think of when it comes to weekend scheduling?

  2. Mario Balotelli

    I’m kinda glad to hear that – it helps to justify my intense dislike of someone I’ve never met.

  3. newsjustin

    Given the Den’s special place in the memories of many 30-40 year olds, it’s no surprise that people have a desire to like Ray and what he does. But it’s mad that RTE gave him a TV light entertainment show. Have they never listened to him interview people??

  4. joj

    Loved his driving instruction video VHS must have been a side project during his down time from the den. Early 90’s in a corolla I think it was, the very model that at the time was lauded as having the highest pass rate. The man knew his game back then

  5. Rob_G

    I used to like his show on Today Fm for the first few years, before Ray began to get all preachy.

    And Jeebus H. Christ, more than 20 years in broadcasting and the man doesn’t know how to press a few buttons.

    “Now for some Hozier…”
    *sound of mixer being whacked by his clumsy fingers*
    “oh no wait, it’s this one…”

    1. scottser

      It was only bearable with mairead, will and his missis. When the female input left, he turned into an unregulated knobend.

  6. Prop Joe

    Another Joe and I had a little chat about the name use earlier.

    Word to the wise: Change it or rearrange it, bro.

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