3 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Deluded

    Tragedy at Jamarat Bridge during the Hajj, as an estimated 3 million pilgrims (2 million registered) attempt to complete the ritual within the designated 5 day period.
    The ‘stampedes’ are usually where two huge crowds meet in a constricted area- they don’t have a circuit route to follow but must counterflow.
    According to Al Jazeera:
    The head of the Central Hajj Committee, Prince Khaled al-Faisal, blamed the stampede on “some pilgrims from African nationalities,” Saudi-owned al-Arabiya TV channel reported.

    1. Bingo

      This only a few weeks after a crane collapsed & killed 100+.
      Maybe they should’ve cleared the area & made it safe for 2016….
      I’m sure Allah wouldn’t have minded that much…

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