This morning.

Fine Gael TD Dara Murphy‘s constituency office, Camden House, Camden Quay, Cork.

Alan Kelly: Dara Murphy ‘deserves a bit of latitude’ with inappropriate use of Garda resources (IBreakingNews)

Thanks Mike McGrath-Bryan

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18 thoughts on “Rank

  1. Padi

    The whole lift to Dublin thing is a joke, seems strange the guards would go along with it. I don’t think ringing them in the first place was unusual though, I’ve broken down on the motorway in the past at night. It’s a seriously creepy and stressful experience if in a place with zero lighting and cars whizzing past you.

    1. Kdoc

      Not strange at all. If you were a Garda would you like to spend your Saturday night shift going for a long drive, or would you prefer to deal with the drunks and scumbags who prowl and stagger around our towns and cities?

    2. The Old Boy

      Oddly enough, I knew a provincial detective sergeant who used to bully civilians with whom he was only vaguely acquainted into giving him lifts to Dublin. I think he was a tight sod who was claiming the mileage allowance and wanted to cash the cheque in the pub rather than the petrol station.

  2. bisted

    …heard him on the RTE ThisWeek program…breathtaking arrogance and defiant sense of entitlement…the FG handlers must be too busy hiding Enda to have let that clown on national radio unscripted.

  3. Mr. T.

    He essentially called the Taxi driver a liar on national radio. If I was that taxi driver, I’d consider taking him to court over that.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Arrogant, lying waster, should be sacked for that stunt. If the two guards were not ordered to help the TD then they should be sacked.

  5. Truth in the News

    Next election will be fought on the pretense that you can’t trust the other crowd
    if they got into power, well who ;would elect these crowd again when when you see this type of abuse of power and all that has being got away with already.
    He should be booted out of office and Dail Eireann and him billed personally for
    the waste of police time, at what level in the Guards was the order given to cart
    him off to Dublin Airport.

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