Left In A Dublin Bike Basket




Joseph Furlong writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I found this Kindle in the basket of the Dublin Bike I got at the Kevin Street stop around 8.45 this morning. It’s registered to Andrew Dillon, I can’t seem to find his personal email address on the kindle so I thought someone here on Broadsheet might know him or he might see it himself.


UPDATE: Andrew located. Thanks all.

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29 thoughts on “Left In A Dublin Bike Basket

  1. Digs

    Ring back Spectrum. He’s lying. I deffo saw that guy reading his kindle while cycling this morning at a red light! With no hands.

  2. andydufresne2011

    This is getting interesting (or at least more interesting than facebook). Will he find him?

    I reckon if he does, we should make him read an excerpt from the book while dressed in period costume.

  3. Andrew Dillon

    Hi Bodger,
    Im the Andrew Dillon who owns the Kindle. I got a call from Dublin Bikes to say that they saw this and contacted me. Thank you very much. I really appreciate this. Thank you. How do I get in contact with you to get the Kindle back.

    1. Weedless

      Although good work on knowing that only women can read books written by women. Most blokes just ignore those books cause they assume they’re all about shopping and periods. If they bothered to open them they’d find out they’re written in femineese a secret language taught to all girls at the age of 12 at secret witches covens around the country.

  4. Gock:

    So does this officially mean that this is a good news story?

    I was going to suggest that Dublin Bikes must have his credit card details but if it’s already sorted, no need.

    I do love my Kindle. There can’t be too many of those ones with the keyboard on it left out there. I have to wonder, how, with the size of the thing, did he manage to forget it?

  5. Andrew Dillon

    Hi all. I wanted to thank the lady in Dublin Bikes for calling me and letting me know where this was posted. Id like to thank the lady in DIT Public Affairs Office for also contacting me. But most of all, Id like to thank Joe for going to the effort of getting of posting this and meeting me to drop it back.
    Checked Dublin City Bylaws and public readings in period dress aren’t permitted on Kevin St.
    Thanks Guys

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