Goodbye Ireland



Etienne Calmelet writes:

Today is my last day in Ireland and I wanted to leave a message to the newcomers who might experience the same feeling I had when I arrived here: depressed about the weather, the non existent Summer and the short Winter days…This country is a secret paradise Get out, explore, do not miss it ! I made this quick tribute to Ireland I would love if you could share it…

Why do all the ridiculously hot ones leave?



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49 thoughts on “Goodbye Ireland

    1. Grouse

      If fairness you can’t just cook them up out of nothing. You have to swim in Lough Dan and all to rest first. Loads of flippin’ great days represented in there. So while the video may be manufactured, the memories represented are not necessarily empty nostalgia.

      1. donkey_kong

        as a native , i’m impressed as the many great idea this video has given me.
        the author does like water !

        1. jeanclaudetrichet

          Flights to the UK are 30 euro. They’d ate the likes of you alive there m8. You’re better off waiting at home for the trust fund to kick in.

      1. Disasta

        Ye I was talking about the cold sea or the hills.
        Not the huge rent/property prices, expensive food, drink, servies and bills.
        Ye no I was talking about the cold sea and hills.

  1. mauriac

    nice vid.not sure about the,” secret paradise” bit.Ireland has been renowned for its scenery for centuries.that and his initial trepidation say more about poor ,insular,narrow French education than anything.


    A well off boy came here on a holiday moaned about the typical weather hasn’t really been any different the forty six years I’ve been alive .It makes me laugh listening to people who have lived here all their lives moaning too go move abroad so ye moaning showers !t isn’t a SUNNY Island never has being so unless you plan on going to warmer climates shut up .,some of us a tally like the rain wind ice cold occasional snow phew !.The refreshing visit to all of the empty beaches cliff tops woods etc where there is nothing but the birds insects animals the elements and oneself and no moaning Grunts Irish ,foreigners or otherwise .

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