Have You Any Spare Change?


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Sharing Is Caring.

Starring Liam Hourican, Cillian Ó Gairbhaí and David Layde.

Caroline, of Brainy Films, writes:

“I thought you might like to see our comedy short ‘Sharing is Caring’ – shot in a couple of hours in Dublin 2, on a budget of a couple of hundred quid. It made my auld Da laugh, and he hates most things.”

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20 thoughts on “Have You Any Spare Change?

  1. Boba Fettucine

    Awful. Don’t those semi-beardy, bogbrush-haired salt’n’peppers have one of those awful Centra/Mace/Spar adverts with a new Dad, tired, buying pampers and a jazz mag to audition for?

    Oh, they didn’t get the call back?

    1. Charlie

      Fluffywoman. Most likely coz you’ve never anything useful to say but whinge and desperately attempt to be funny. Just sayin.

  2. On The Buses

    Markedly better than the Deano and Duffus thing that was put up earlier. Two really good actors in this one, the homeless guy and the guy whose coffee it was.

  3. Bonkers

    I got a good few lulz from that, some good acting and writing. The Roy Keane/McCarthy sketch is classic too

  4. Dennis

    Well I laughed like a drain. Although I’ve been accused of apologising to every homeless person I pass.

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