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Benjamin Wiessner writes:

Broadsheet has featured our short films a few times before and I’m reaching out to let you know we just released our new short film, Thunder Road, on Vimeo…

We hope it will make ya’ll cry a little, laugh a lot, and spend some time talking with those you love.



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Caroline, from Brainy Films, writes:

“Does pressing the button at a pedestrian crossing actually *do* anything? This issue is explored in absolutely no detail in our latest cheapo comedy short “Julian”,
starring Liam Hourican and Cillian Ó Gairbhí.”

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Have You Any Spare Change?

Mini-Marathon Man

Brainy Films

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.54.07

Sharing Is Caring.

Starring Liam Hourican, Cillian Ó Gairbhaí and David Layde.

Caroline, of Brainy Films, writes:

“I thought you might like to see our comedy short ‘Sharing is Caring’ – shot in a couple of hours in Dublin 2, on a budget of a couple of hundred quid. It made my auld Da laugh, and he hates most things.”

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Phil Evans  writes:

I’m a Bray-based film maker and I’m about to release a new series of experimental short skate films each one based on a different concept and all supported by Levis. Here is the trailer for the first film – “Lightbox: Grey”, all shot on Super 8 in Malmö, Sweden with animations by Bristol based illustrator Mike O Shea and a soundtrack from Delgany producer “Gibbo”



During a break in the filming of Cold Comes the Night last year, Bryan Cranston organised a writing contest among the film’s production assistants, promising to read every script submitted and then star in his favourite one.

The winner was the script for this accomplished 14-minute short by very excited former PA Brandon Polanco.