Friday The 13th?




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11 thoughts on “Friday The 13th?

  1. Cian

    Barely possible, realistically impossible. Maximum time from dissolution to polling is 30 days; this would require blasting through every element of the budget related work and then dissolving the Dail immediately.

    1. scottser

      wouldn’t surprise me they make a t1ts of this election given they’ve made a similar t1ts of pretty much everything they’ve done in government.

    2. ahjayzis

      Can’t they just announce the budget and put it to the vote? i.e. our finance bill will go through if we go through?

      I mean it would make a bags of their claims of ‘stabilishy’, but we did the same in 2011 going to the polls before the finance and social welfare bills were through.

      1. Cian

        With the potential outcome of “no government” after an election, doing that (if its even possible) could easily lead to there being no Finance Act for 2016 approved at all.

  2. Francis Almond

    A November election is a given. There is no way Fine Gael would risk an election in the year of the 1916 commemorations. Not a chance.

    1. Inopropro

      polls show the Irish would consider re electing FG in the year of 1916 that IS sick

  3. realPolithicks

    The election will be held sometime between now and the end of March. If it doesn’t, this conversation never took place. This comment will self destruct in six months.

  4. nuig4life

    it would give enough time for the bounce they will get in the budget from all the percieved giveaways.
    especially with middle ireland.

    although there is plenty of scope for fupp ups, sneaky cut backs etc.

    risky move!

    i cant see it happening, not enough time with Dail votes etc.

  5. Demon

    Someone said to me today that an FG-FF coalition was the most likely. It would be a perfect storm of corruption and self-aggrandisement!

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