Political blogger Jamie Bryson, above, won’t be attending the Public Accounts Committee tomorrow, as originally planned.

Nama will be appearing before the committee tomorrow at 10am.

Mr Bryson told the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Finance Committee on September 23 that Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson [and four businessmen] were set to receive a ‘success’ fee following the sale of Nama’s NI portfolio.

Meanwhile, Mr Bryson’s written submission to the Northern Ireland committee can be read here

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3 thoughts on “PAC It In

  1. Mr. T.

    The PAC are only for show to make it seem like things are being investigated so there’s no way they’ll interview someone who ACTUALLY knows things about their mates.

  2. Louise Hannon

    Seems a strange one. More window dressing to prove to us voters there’s nothing to see here folks. Move along please. A complete waste of time if a main witness like Bryson is ignored.

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