‘To The Highest Of Standards’


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‘A quality development’.

€750 a week.

Real fire.

Longboat Quay, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2 (Daft.ie)

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H/T: Dave Gorman

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59 thoughts on “‘To The Highest Of Standards’

    1. LiamZero

      Well, except for the fact the whole apartment block is a firetrap and is likely to be cleared of all residents by safety officials by the end of the week. No amount of “free advertising” is going to help with that.

  1. Bobby

    Was in Malmo a few weeks back. %1 is the amount allowed in rent increase a year.

    Rent caps anyone? I should just probably google this, but does anyone know the concise economic argument for opposing rent caps?

      1. Bobby

        There might very well be a lot of truth to that. But there must be people out there arguing/lobbying against it, publicly, or more likely, in private.

        I don’t think parliamentary democracy is good enough for the modern world. At least Scandinavia gave it a go.

      1. Bobby

        Are you certain? The majority of government TDs? I poxy hope not or it’s even more hopeless than I thought and I’ll feel silly for not realising they were so many in number.

      2. Anomanomanom

        And the fact it’s a free market. If you can’t afford to rent in one area try some where else. And i know rents are ridiculously high, I understand that, but if I own a property I should be allowed charge what I want.

        1. scottser

          No, you shouldnt. There should be a standard fair rent and a fixity of tenure. You cant plan a thriving, modern economy if you landlords free reign to charge whatever they want. Whos going to bother their arse working to pay 2 thirds of their income in rent?

          1. Anomanomanom

            2 thirds. Get a grip will you, going by where I live the average is about €900 for a 1 bed and up to €1250 for 2. If two thirds of your monthly salary is €900 then you’ve a poo job. And of course I can charge what I want. My hard work got me my place so I should then be told I’m bad for getting top dollar.

          2. Disasta

            Plus your hard work didnt get the place, you probably owe the bank that money and are looking to get the property basically free by renting.

    1. Shay

      Great idea. Lets introduce more government controls into PRIVATE business. And while we’re at it, lets have them fix the price of a pint, the burger you eat after that pint, the taxi ride home – and your wages. I mean, if one type of private income is allowed be fixed, why not another?

      Private business is private business is private business. Apart from ensuring they get paid the requisite amount of tax, it’s none of the governments business what someone wishes to charge for rent, provided they are also keeping to the letter of their contractual obligations. If we let the government start price fixing in one area, it sets a precdent for other areas (and NO – accomodation is NOT a special case)

      The market decides what kind of rent a landlord can charge. And right now it seems the market has no problem paying 750 a week, right or wrong.

      1. Jc

        Own a few houses do we shay?

        Market decides is it shay?

        You know the market is non normal considering the crash. The government ownership of banks the nama ownership of property and land banks.

        Is this your market decides shay or make hay while the sun shines.

        Housing should not be seen as a commodity. For too long we have been incentivising this through policy.

        Anyone that is against this has a personal motive.

        1. scottser

          The market should have no influence on housing prices in an ideal society. Burgers and pints sure, but if we hold the un declaration on human rights in any regard then we should bite the bullet and make access to housing a right and stop fupping around.
          Ive said it before, if you want to buy a house to live in, go fill your boots. If you buy an investment proprty then it should be managed by a local authority or a voluntary housing agency by professionals. If you take out a mortgage on a rental it should remain a rental for the duration of the mortgage. Rents MUST be capped to the consumer price index and the prtb should be given the teeth to be a proper arbiter in disputes;. anything less will make this shit situation worse. I work in housing/homeless and i would dearly love if ther was no need for my role but the gobpoos who have the say and the money will always keep me employed, unfortunately.

        1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq


          Unfortunately there’s money to be made, empires to build, egos to stroke and shady dealings to be made.
          This is Ireland.

      2. Deluded

        2004 I believe – the Oireachtas All-Party Committee on the Constitution referred to the fact that “certain landowners had accumulated large landbanks at the outskirts of urban areas which they then released in dribs and drabs in order to manipulate the market and artificially to maintain high land prices”.

    2. Mike

      Bobby – http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2015/08/economist-explains-19

      “But economists, on both the left and the right, tend to disagree. As Paul Krugman wrote in the New York Times in 2000, rent control is “among the best-understood issues in all of economics, and—among economists, anyway—one of the least controversial”. Economists reckon a restrictive price ceiling reduces the supply of properties on the market. When prices are capped, people have less incentive to fix up and rent out their basement flat, or to build rental property. Slower supply growth actually exacerbates the price crunch. Those landlords who do rent out their properties might not bother to maintain it, since both supply and turnover in the market are limited by rent caps; landlords have little incentive to compete to attract willing tenants. Landlords may also become choosier, and tenants may stay in properties longer than makes sense. Interestingly some evidence shows that those living in rent-controlled flats in New York also tend to have higher median incomes than those who rent market-rate apartments. That may be partly down to the fact that controlling rent does not mean that those with more resources are not better positioned to find good housing; households of means may in some cases find it easier to track down and secure rent-stabilised properties. The example of Germany is also an imperfect one: many cities there have seen declining populations and low (or falling) house prices over the past two decades, although the latter is now changing in several cities.”

        1. Bobby

          It is the economist. Amazing writers, fantastic newspaper, but I can’t help to feel it always has an angle ;)

    3. Cian

      Broadly, the argument against goes like this:

      If rents are very high, then it’s because there’s not enough houses to rent. As rents are high, that gives people an incentive to either build more houses to rent out, or to start renting their spare room. That should increase the amount of property for rent.

      If you’ve got rent controls, there’s no reason for people to build new houses if there’s a rental housing shortage. That’s why rent controlled apartments in say, New York are super difficult to get.

      1. scottser

        Except ireland has a wealth of vacant privately owned an nama owned property. No-one has arsed up their property market like us so comparing our situation to the US or europe is a fallacy. A little regulation is all we need to sort our housing problems.
        as for longboat qy and macnamara, he shouldnt be allowed near a lego set.

        1. Cian

          While a little regulation would be a good thing, rent controls still aren’t going to sort the supply problem. Which ultimately is the real issue – there aren’t enough houses in the Dublin area. Solve that, and rental prices will solve themselves.

    1. Jc

      Doesn’t appear to impact the content.

      On the contrary over here with your stupid free market we have substandard accommodation both in size and in actual safety.

      Yay your stupid free market.sure doesn’t it correct itself

    2. Bobby

      It’s seems to be impossible for almost everyone I know to find suitable long-term housing at the moment. The current housing supply isn’t stable or realistic, and it’s already inaccessibe. If it’s just the case that a load of developers and investers will be unhappy, then the state should build a s**t load of social housing.

      It sounds like it’s less about being left to the whim of the market, and more about billionaires and all the rest being able to threat and bully a state and society into doing what it sees as fit.

      1. ReproBertie

        Jayzis Bobby but you must be a right Jonah. All your mates were sexually assaulted and none of them can find anywhere to live.

          1. ReproBertie

            Sorry Bobby. Wasn’t meant to be taken in any way seriously but, yeah, stupid thing to say.

        1. Bobby

          We all live somewhere. Renting an overpriced house/apartment, being squeezed into a less-than-suitable house with lots of people, paying more for a mortgage than the house’s current value or moving back to your parents house are good definitions of not being able to find suitable long-term housing. It’s not all totally miserable, just bulls**t.

          Housing cooperatives are the solution I think.

  2. Christopher

    RTE kept up the propaganda by showing one of the people that bought an apartment on the affordable housing scheme when they are less than 10% of the people there and most are owned by landlords. No one thought to ask how Bernard McNamara (who built these) got to out of bankruptcy and has no liability for the crap he threw up and is now building Denis O Brien’s already let office block on St Stephens Green. Nama is a wonderful thing.

    1. formerly known as @ireland.com

      That is it. The builder should be in jail, or at least out of construction, permanently.

      1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

        And [RETRACTED] should be burning in Hell with his balls in a clamp.
        But that’s none of my business.

  3. Anne

    “And the fact it’s a free market.”

    “The market decides what kind of rent a landlord can charge….

    “And right now it seems the market has no problem paying 750 a week, right or wrong.”

    Who is this market? He’s one greedy fupping bollix this market fella who ever he is.

    The ‘market deciding’ are landlords charging what they can get away in a market with a constricted supply of housing. It’s not some impersonal entity that decides.. it’s people and their greed.

  4. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    The ‘market’ is the tenant.
    Without a potential tenant who’s willing to pay such extortionate rates it wouldn’t happen.

    Nelson said it best;
    ‘Stop hitting yourself.’

  5. tom

    The most gombeen fupping kip in eu. When u gonna learn? Don’t stay in coma,elections are coming soon,do thinking and vote with your brains. Please,please!

      1. Mr. T.

        “Vote for who??? Christ there’s nobody.”

        Says everyone at middle class dinner parties in Ranelagh while secretly thinking of voting Sinn Fein.

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