Meanwhile, In Dublin



This evening.

At the corner of Stephen’s Green and Earlsfort Terrace.

The former Canada House site, owned by Denis O’Brien, which is being developed by Bernard McNamara, of Longboat Quay fame.

Lorcan Sirr tweetz:

“The scaffolding coming off Mr McNamara’s latest contribution to Dublin. Hope it’s better than his previous efforts.”

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27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Dublin

      1. classter

        Clampers is not satisfied with the aesthetic design & is suggesting that [Redacted] may have paid some bribes to be allowed build it.

        Tbf many ugly buildings are allowed without any hint of a bribe. There are architecture firms in Dublin who specialise in providing the commercial market with exactly might be required at a given time without any hint of design or thought. These guys seem to have little trouble getting planning permission for their dreary efforts.

          1. spider

            Jesus wept… that’s a sad beige box for one of the main intersections of a ‘modern’ city….

  1. Christopher

    I work nearby- I’m shocked at how cheap and nasty it looks both close up and far away.

    Nothing has changed in this country.

  2. D2dweller

    Why do we keep this city so low? Count 7/8 stories here. Crazy low for an office block that central

      1. The Old Boy

        Where half the windows won’t open and the other half won’t close. Irish architecture at its finest.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Actually I hope the thing is a deathtrap made out of papier mache and costs the tenant millions to put right!

  4. Joe

    it all makes sense why it is so ugly, practically replaces the ugly boxy building that was there.

  5. Mr. T.

    Gallery Quay apartments on Pearse Street are another ongoing issue.

    Some of them are owned by a housing trust. The units that were built as social housing have cheaper fittings and fixtures (because in Ireland, poorer people don’t deserve quality as punishment for being poorer).

    Their windows are leaking and walls and ceilings have collapsed internally as a result. More scumbag builders who have now gone bust too.

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