RTÉ reports:

Shane Long sprung from the bench to crash home the winning goal as Ireland shocked the world champions with a 1-0 win in tonight’s EURO 2016 qualifier over Germany at Aviva Stadium.

The Ireland striker raced through onto a long ball before unleashing an unstoppable strike past Manuel Neuer in the Germany goal.


Thanks Dee O’Sullivan

Shane Long the hero as Ireland beat world champions Germany (RTE)

Watch: Shane Long Backed Up His Goal With The Greatest Post-Match Interview Of All Time (Balls.ie)

Pic: Sportsfile 

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40 thoughts on “Long Shot

      1. Draxx Ltd II

        I’m a fan of no sport really. I also don’t have a problem with it. I do have to laugh at the fickle simpletons in my FB feed proclaiming how proud of the Irish football team they are…. When earlier that day they were literally pissing all over them.

        1. f_lawless

          I’d say what’s more your problem for you is that you regard your friends as “fickle simpletons”. You need to start moving in new circles. Have you considered the Irish Mensa group? http://www.mensa.ie/

          1. Eliot Rosewater

            Calls his friends ‘fickle simpletons’, thinks they were literally pissing over the team earlier in the day.

      1. Draxx Ltd II

        Yes true. Doesn’t stop people moaning and bitching about the team though. Of course they are die hard fans once they win though.
        I don’t know why… But the complete lack of loyalty and conviction pisses me off. Band wagoners of the highest order.

      2. classter

        ‘Soccer will always be the biggest sport in this country.’

        It isn’t really though, In terms of genuine participation, gaelic whups soccer into second place.

        The vast majority of ‘football people’ playing the odd game of five-a-side and watch a bit of Premiership & Champions League on the TV. That’s all fair enough but its the reason Draxx above is moaning about his ‘fickle’ mates.

    1. John

      Rugby is no longer good enough for today’s aspirational classes. They want cricket now. The incidence of water cooler cricket experts is increasing at a noticeable rate. They’ll want polo in the Pheonix park next. Ironically, the Pope’s children are too posh to dance on the Walkinstown roundabout (or buy a house in the vicinity) like their parents did in 1990.

      1. classter

        There’s already Polo in Phoenix Park.

        The ‘Pope’s Children’ don’t seem too posh (classy? exclusive?) when they’re falling around drunk & starting rows in Sydney.

        Yup, American-style suburbs have lost their allure a little thankfully but a house in that vicinity will still cost a couple of hundred grand

        1. realPolithicks

          Only a truly miserable person, comments on possibly the greatest victory by a national Irish football team by criticizing the fans. Get a life!

  1. Frilly Keane

    Ara tis win
    And an excuse for a singsong
    So what’s the harm in joining in the congrats
    And delight for them

    They’re still our own.
    Besides twas Minor Hurling that made that Shane Hon’Tipp lad

    Paddies 1 Merkels 0
    Fair dues like

    Loud n’Proud
    Whatever the code

  2. rugbyguy

    I don’t follow ‘the football’. But as a metrosexual emeritus: look at the thighs on him. Very sexy photo for a Thursday evening. Thankfully it’s almost the weekend. I’m not well from looking at those thighs, especially the right one. phew!

    1. StabiloBiss

      Yeah Long is a real Cork man. as Cork as a Pint of Erdinger and a bowl of Chowder.

      He’s Wexford you numpty.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Yeah it’s for you

            Mr English is right
            Shane Long is Cork City

            Cork City FC
            Open to Correction BTW
            But I think his first professional start was with Cork City

            For all we know, he could still be knocking around Borris if the langers didn’t pull him out’ve Tipp and give ‘im a start

            An’ where would we be tonight only for ‘im

            Paddies 1 Merkels 0

      1. eoin hurley

        Yes he is a cork city man. Cork city is my club. As is Kevin Doyle who is from Wexford ya TV watching “soccer” expert.

        1. Eoin

          err btw he didnt play just one game for Cork City. Thats the problem with knowing all your sokker from the TV or looking at ” facts from the net or wikipedia.” Citys strike force at the time was incredible – Neil Fenn who as you are aware was the the most skillful, Kevin Doyle who actually played more on the right wing and the most talented of the lot by far John O’Flynn. Ironically O’Flynn got really badly injured after Doyle and Long went to England and was never the same player again. He was then transferred over to a lower division English club despite him being a shadow of the played he was. He was the striking star in that team. Behan was the end of game sub and Long was brought on ocassionally as well. He was also a regular on Citys Under-21 team.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’ve lambasted Irish soccer at international level in the past decade and at local level (scumbaggery at stadiums etc.).
    I threw the Dunphy pencil long ago.
    But congrats to the Irish team on their fine win.
    It lifted some Thursday nights I believe / heard.
    One for Apres Match of the Day 2025 ;)

  4. Mikeyfex

    As a man off to Cardiff for the weekend this is a start I couldn’t have even dreamt of.

    CO all YBIG

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