Meanwhile, In Irish Rugby


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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Irish Rugby

  1. Formerly known as


    The Aussies have a bye into the semi-fina (Scotland)l, so even if we beat the Argentinians, we will face a fresh team, who are full of confidence and playing well.

    Here’s hoping for the Best.

      1. rotide

        I agree, unfortunately Hooper + Pocock > Anyone we have.

        Foley is on much better form than sexton and madigan.

        We don’t have anyone of Folau’s capability.

        All that assumes we get past the Argies who are no mugs at all. They’ll be tougher than that french team and we will be without our starting 6 and 7 (assuming SOB gets a citing for that punch). Scary times ahead.

        1. Medium Sized C

          Just as balance, and accepting your points because they are good points…..
          We have beaten Australian teams with all the players you mentioned.
          Folau has been very quiet this world cup and our back up 7 is ten times the 7 that our starting 7 in terms of why you think Pooper can do to us.
          That said, we now can’t shift that 7 into his natural role at 6 to replace the way better 6 who just got injured, but we still have Henderson who has played like a second 6 and maybe best player for most of the time he has been on.

          Also while Pooper play that role really well for Aussie, we usually have 5 or 6 players who can and do disrupt the ruck on a regular basis. That which you think pooper can do and we can’t is quite literally a hallmark of our rugby teams identity for nearly 10 years now.

          To paraphrase Granny Weatherwax, “We aten’t dead”

          1. rotide

            A good argument is always made sounder by quoting terry pratchett :)

            I see exactly what you’re saying and more or less agree with the caveat that pooper and foley have been the form players of the tournament. Apart from henderson who’s been fantastic, none of our players have really shone brighter than expected yet. Let’s hope a win against the pumas will get their tails up.

  2. pissedasanewt

    The Aussies beat an injury ravaged Welsh and a poor English side. At least we’ve time to integrate any new players into the squad. Get past the Puma’s without any more injuries and we’ve a chance. But the Puma’s won’t be easy… they’ve had a very stress free WC so far..

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