They All Have It Infamy



From top: Denis O’Brien; Karl Brophy and Gavin O’Reilly

Just because you’re paranoid.

Doesn’t mean they’re not compiling ‘dossiers’.

RTÉ reports:

Denis O’Brien has been granted an order against Red Flag Consulting, its Chief Executive Officer Karl Brophy – who is a former director of corporate affairs and content development at Independent News and Media, its Chairman Gavin O’Reilly – the former Chief Executive Officer of Independent News and Media, Director Seamus Conboy, Account Manager Brid Murphy, and Account Executive Kevin Hiney.

The order prevents them from interfering with a list of more than 80 media articles and several other documents, which Mr O’Brien says are contained in a dossier about him.

The court has also granted an order preventing any interference with any computer equipment, which could identify who commissioned, contributed to or received the dossier.

Mr O’Brien’s lawyers went to the High Court yesterday seeking orders to allow them to search Red Flag’s premises.

But the Court ordered them to notify Red Flag and the other defendants and come back to court today.

…Lawyers for Red Flag said the action would be fully defended. Senior Counsel Michael Collins said Mr O’Brien seemed to be concerned about what he alleged was a campaign against him in the media.

He had commissioned a private investigator and had received a dossier anonymously on a USB stick last Friday.

He then engaged IT consultants to prepare a report. Mr Collins said they would need to engage their own consultants, possibly consult gardaí and other people.

The dossier contains two PDF documents entitled “Denis O’Brien IPO Experience” and “The Moriarty Tribunal Explainer”, as well as more than 80 articles from national and international media and transcripts of Dáil debates.

Mr Justice Colm MacEochaidh adjourned the case until 2pm on Friday.

Denis O’Brien takes legal action against PR firm, alleging conspiracy (RTE)


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39 thoughts on “They All Have It Infamy

  1. PaddyJoe

    I wonder who mounted the surveillance operation on Gavin O’Reilly in September 2011? Well, actually I don’t.

    Reported by Tom Lyons in the Sunday Times 5/9/2011:
    “A former MI5 agent carried out three surveillance operations against Gavin O’Reilly, the Chief Executive of INM.
    Emma Shaw, a former MI5 agent who runs Esoteric, a corporate surveillance company, had up to seven operatives at a time trailing O’Reilly in Ireland.
    A report prepared by security adviser to INM says it is close to discovering the name of who paid for the operation, which cost about 250,000 pounds.
    The report, dated September 26, rules out criminal gangs, governments and personal reasons as grounds for the surveillance. One of the alternative motives still under investigation is commercial.
    “We are dealing in a murky environmnent here with a huge amount at stake…the full exposure of the ultimate paymaster could lead to massive embarrassement’ the report says”

  2. Mr. T.

    “Mr O’Brien’s lawyers went to the High Court yesterday seeking orders to allow them to search Red Flag’s premises.”

    I can’t see how any private entity can be given permission to search the private premises or property of another private entity.

    This man must spend half his time trying to cover all his tracks and preventing people from discussing his affairs.

    1. realPolithicks

      “This man must spend half his time trying to cover all his tracks and preventing people from discussing his affairs.”

      He’s a paranoid, megalomaniac multi-billionaire….that’s not a good combination.

  3. scottser

    ‘He had commissioned a private investigator and had received a dossier anonymously on a USB stick last Friday.’

    how? that couldn’t have been obtained legally..

    1. Bobby

      The fact that he’s now trying to obtain the same info legally would be a good indication that it was originally legally obtained.

  4. HappyDub

    I liked him when he used to draw animals on The Den. Since he made loads of money he’s changed.

        1. Anne-Marie McNally

          Chose not to go with winz d’internet. Sorry about that!

          ‘Really grates on me’ really grates on me FWIW

  5. george

    What is the suggestion of wrong doing? They had 80 media articles on Denis O’Brien? So what? So do the Irish Times.

  6. dav

    I wonder what the price per litre, Topaz is charging all those government vehicles, seeing how redacted is broke and all?

  7. DubLoony

    Dossier? Or someone collected 80 media articles that are by definition in the public domain anyway.
    Google are stuffed so, they’ve tons of articles on him.

    Very odd.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      In Europe, you can actually have Google remove results from searches for your name. The articles are still out there, but they won’t show up in a search, and Google will tell you that search results have been removed. But still.

  8. Clampers Outside!

    “Man found to have acted in a corrupt manner by a tribunal appears surprised that media organisations have dossiers on him and his activities and deems this as evidence of a conspiracy against him”

    Am I right?

    Tomorrow’s headline – “Idiot From Tribunal Like Rabbit In Head Lights”

  9. nellyb

    Are school dossiers legal? Can parents n students sue the schools? That would be event horizon for our sistema legal

  10. Ultravox

    And you thought Michelle Rocca-Morrison had it tough. I bet Van’s delighted though that there’s another non-Resident fatter than he is.

  11. nellyb

    And chain of custody of the shtick doesnt sound kosher enough as evidence for courts. Me think Sahib is taunting uz.

  12. Truth in the News

    Copies of the Moriarty Tribunal Report need to be reprinted and widely circulated
    in Wall St, a copy dispatched from the Irish Embassy in Washington to the US
    Justice Dept, an other to SEC and a comlimentary copy to one Bill Clinton.
    Indeed the Government should arrange this when Bill is next in Dublin, he should
    be around soon raising funds for Hillary.

  13. Frilly Keane

    I think its time for Debs to seek out the Prone

    And heed her words

    ” …never, ever, ever, talk to a lawyer”

    ‘Tell ya, he’d be the better for it

    BTW. Gavin… I would
    (Although I’m told his accent is a bit off, … Ara’wha’harm)

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