Have You Seen This Timepiece?




Meg writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I’ve lost my favourite watch :-( I was cycling in town with it in my pocket and it must have fallen out – coming from the liberties towards Drumcondra via Patrick Street then Dorset Street. It’s quite new but there is a dark line on the strap underneath the buckle. If anyone sees it please let me know.


Update:  Meg writes: The watch has been found, back in the Liberties, in the pocket of a hoodie, turns out it never left the house!

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14 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Timepiece?

  1. Woof

    I feel for you. I lost my Snoopy watch years ago while walking across the pass known as Prince William’s Seat in the Dublin Mountains. Still miss it.

  2. D2dweller

    On a completely unrelated note, found a new watch on the street today. Delighted with myself.

    G’luck Meg ;)

  3. André

    Isn’t it bad when you lose something you like and people get I back to you like it’s an ugly piece?

  4. Casey

    I lost my red sunglasses on Dollymount strand in 1999. If anyone finds them let me know. They were the ones sold on special in the kids department in Guineys in 1998.

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