Finglas In The Title



Broadcaster and Finglas native Mairead Ronan at the new ODEON Charlestown, a new state of the art, nine screen cinema

Opening Today.

ODEON, Charlestown, Finglas.

NINE screens.

Joanne writes:

ODEON Charlestown in Finglas will officially open its brand new, state of the art nine screen cinema in Charlestown Shopping Centre TODAY.

This highly anticipated addition to the entertainment offering in Finglas will employ a team of 65 people from the locality.

With ODEON Cinemas located in Coolock, Point Village, Stillorgan, Cavan, Limerick, Waterford, Newbridge , Naas and Portlaoise, Charlestown in the heart of Finglas is the newest addition to ODEON cinemas nationwide.

To celebrate the ODEON Charlestown’s opening We have THREE family passes (four tickets per pass) for ODEON cinemas anywhere in Ireland to give away.

To enter,  just complete this sentence.

‘I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had_____________________________’

Lines MUST Close at 5.10pm


40 thoughts on “Finglas In The Title

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    I deserve a family pass because these children I’ve kidnapped won’t shut the hell up and I need a couple of hours peace while I put together a properly crafted ransom note.

      1. Neilo

        The top matches the sign: Mairéad is just being a good brand ambassador

        @Don – agreed on most, if not all, of these rules. I proudly wear brown in town.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          Personally, dressing like the sea is a good look. Rock that brown and if you are feeling totally cray, maybe wear white after Labour Day?!

    1. ReproBertie

      I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had trying to organise a sitter so that we could take advantage of an about to expire groupon voucher for anything we like (except the Martian for some reason) in the Odeon and then getting all excited about having secured a fortnightly, mid-week sitter in the same week that a new 9 screen cinema opens just around the corner from us with a fancy big iSense screen and it only 64 days to Star Wars which is definitely not going to suck.

      1. ReproBertie

        That wasn’t meant to be a reply to Laughter Tack at all but since it is and since I’m far too busy to be googling, how much of a step down from IMAX is iSense?

          1. Neilo

            Unfortunately didn’t get to it, Repro: the domestic front sprang a little surprise on me last night but I plan to go this weekend. Hope you get out to the flicks yourself!

  2. Soylent Fart

    coz they burnt all them bukes hear righ’ so like, me ma’ ‘sgoin’ spare on the valim and me da’ i nevah met so like, yeh.

  3. rugbyfan

    I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had I need to reboot my eyes after seeing T.Ptune on BS TWICE!

    1. Caroline

      Glenhill? Yeah well I guess it’s all relative. I wouldn’t compare it to cedarwood though. Sorry love.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Surprised she doesn’t say she’s from Glasnevin like the rest of the Finglas poshos.

      Hang on though….Mairead Farrell and Mairead Ronan are the same person??

  4. Mark

    I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had I’d spent the last 7 days painting a mural with my butt cheeks only to wake up yesterday morning and discover it had been completely painted over

  5. ALan

    ‘I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had, my wife left me on my birthday for the second year in a row, kid number two wont sleep through the night so i have been awake with him for about an hour every night, kid number one wont go to sleep till after ten (he’s 5), and just found out that kid three is on the way. It must be noted that i would not take my family, i would use it all on myself.

  6. Joe cool

    I deserve an odeon pass because I hear noel Rock is claiming he’s responsible for this particular odeon. ….The deluded

    1. ReproBertie

      Ah now Joe. Noel is only responsible for everything in the area that Paul McAuliffe doesn’t claim first.

    2. Jason Fielden

      Don’t see where Noel Rock took credit? The post I saw highlighted the jobs created and said he had met the new staff. So what’s your point?

  7. Clampers Outside!

    I deserve an ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had trying to crack professor Ralph Wiggum’s big questions, including…

    “if mommy’s purse didn’t belong in the microwave, why did it fit?”

    I’ll not rest until I find out!

  8. fluffybiscuits

    I deserve a ODEON family pass after the week I’ve had well because I had a good week, I have my health but perhaps you might consider giving it to the young people from Carrickmines who may have lost family or friends, a gesture of goodwill and if you contact me maybe I could pay for a popcorn and coke for them

    Have a good weekend all

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