7 thoughts on “Fleg On Tour

  1. Iwerzon

    That is not the Northern Ireland flag. The union flag is the official one for the North. That is a made up flag by loyalists/unionists which symbolises division and bigotry, with royalist crown and masonic star on the Georges Cross (not even the St Patrick’s Saltire).

    1. Yea, Ok

      I think it’s astounding that sports team are allowed to use this as their “official” flag given what it symbolises. To hear the NI football team go on about the great strides they’ve made to unite the communities and then proudly wave this thing with a completely straight face is ridiculous. How many times have people (on both sides) called for a neutral flag over the years. Such a simple move could do so much to unite the people of Northern Ireland.

      1. Oh Dear

        Well the Tricolour is used by supporters to represent the Irish rugby team without thinking/realizing that it doesn’t apply to members of the team.

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