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The Finnish Parliament has approved a bill allowing same-sex marriage. The vote was 105 to 92, with one MP absent…The unprecedented outcome marks the first time that a citizens’ initiative has received lawmakers’ blessing to be written into the law books. It also allows Finland to finally catch up with its Nordic peers, all of which have already legalised gay marriage.

The result was a sweet triumph for the thousands of supporters of marriage equality who gathered around the Parliament this afternoon. Many of them waved rainbow-coloured flags and banners. Shouts of “I do!” – the battle cry of the movement – echoed through the streets. Opponents of the measure also turned out for the session, but found themselves vastly outnumbered.

Finnish Parliament approves same-sex marriage (Uutiset)

Pic: Anniamttila

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Located on one of the islands of the Turku archipelago in Finland, St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel was designed by Helsinki-based Sanaksenaho Architects.

Redolent of the ribs of a boat and built in 2005 on a pine covered hill, the polished copper exterior (which will turn to turquoise with age) encloses a contemplative interior of warm wood.



Oulu Irish Elks Vs Helsinki Harps.

Judgement night in Oulo, Finland

Ronan Browne writes:

I am making a documentary about the world’s most northerly GAA game, which took place last month. The doc itself is not quite ready yet but I have produced a trailer [above] if you think it would be of interest to your readers. Music by the wonderful Hermitage Green.

patrick(Finland’s Patrick O’Shaughnessy, on knees, being sent off last night during a England Vs Finland Under 21s Euro qualifier in Milton Keynes)

David Powell writes:

Browsing the sports news this morning before doing literally anything else, as you do, and noticed that England U-21s beat Finland U-21s in a European qualifier in Milton Keynes (exciting!). Quick look at the report and this catches my eye: “Finland were then reduced to 10 men when Patrick O’Shaughnessy saw red.”
According to Wikipedia, our Patrick is “the son of an Irish painter” and he has a brother who plays for Metz in France. So there.


UPDATE: Still technically eligible to play for Ireland (see comments).

England U21 3- Finland U21 0 (BBC Sport)

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Exit, you say?

Prepared, you say?

We have to face openly the possibility of a euro-break up,” said Erkki Tuomioja (above), the country’s veteran foreign minister. “It is not something that anybody — even the True Finns [eurosceptic party] — are advocating in Finland, let alone the government. But we have to be prepared,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Our officials, like everybody else and like every general staff, have some sort of operational plan for any eventuality.”


Finland Prepares For Break-up Of Eurozone (Telegraph)

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