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  1. Clampers Outside!

    A pause for reflection in the day, and why not, and multi-faith / no faith, why not.

    My TV licence money, blah, blah, whinge, moan, blah, blah, waste of licence fee, etc.

    I look forward to the people’s submissions.

        1. george

          The Vatican don’t even broadcast the Angelus every day. Most people don’t know the Angelus Prayer or the meaning of it except that it’s a catholic thing. We’re not talking about smashing up churches we’re talking about not actively doing something which is anachronistic irrelevant and annoying.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            The Vatican? It’s not a Christian faith thing anymore, that’s the point. So who cares about the bloody Vatican.

            And who cares if most people don’t know the Angelus prayer. It’s not about that anymore.

            And who cares if people don’t know the meaning of the Angelus. That was a Catholic meaning. It’s no longer about just that.

            I beg to differ that the idea of the Angelus as it is now as a moment of ‘mediation’ is an anachronism. In fact, I’d go a full 180 on that and say in this day and age where people don’t take time to reflect it is more relevant today than 30 years or 100 years ago to encourage people to pause for a moment… in this modern 24/7 world.

            What’s wrong with a minutes meditation once a day.

            Prayer, chanting, priests… practically all the set pieces of western Christianity have a basis in eastern religion (like Hinduism) and non-religous practices (like elements of Buddhism, again based on Hinduism).
            The only thing we didn’t get was some decent meditation practices, so maybe it’s time we did get a bit of that too, even if in such a teeny tiny small way. Change is good dude :)

          2. formerly known as @ireland.com

            Change the name from the angelus, so.

            To hell with this rewriting the meaning of the thing.

          3. newsjustin

            Tbf, the rosary is a meditative prayer. The repetition is meant to provide some background to meditating/contemplation. People criticise it for being repetitive/droning, etc and miss the whole point.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            I agree Newsjustin, prayer is a form of meditation and the repetition is part of that… but good ‘meditation’ practice is what I was going for at the end there as opposed to the RCCs wishy washy limp approach. mediation is more of a consequence than a practice in the RCC for the lay person.

            When you consider there are some priests that believe ‘yoga’ practice, which too is a form of mediation practice, is like some path to the devil, then we can clearly see there is little understanding of mediation being relayed from the RCC to the ordinary lay person – especially if they can’t get their priests to understand it.

    1. bubbleandsqueak

      It’s a lovely traditional twice daily reminder to all the victims of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland’s child abuse where exactly they rank. I always take a moment to stop and consider all the thousands of individual evil acts the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland was responsible for covering up and give thanks that I was lucky enough to fall into their clutches. I also like to think about the sick vile irony that this organisation’s ethos is the one responsible for the overwhelming majority of schools in the land.

      I wonder has any lawyer considering suing RTE for their part in continuing to inflict pain and suffering on the survivors of the Roman Catholic Church’s child abuse by broadcasting this twice daily.

  2. dylad

    Nice to see the aul Hindus are celebrating crimbo too. However it was disappointing not to see any halting sites.

  3. Carlos Strange

    The Star Wars send-up brought this to mind – just go with me on this – if they do film another Love/Hate, they really must do a montage of set against the soundtrack of the Angelus – ala the baptism scene in The Godfather. Amiright here guys? Ohmygoshimtotallyright. That’s yours for free Stuart Carolan!

  4. bisted

    …I suppose being pompous and sneering is part of the job description for the head of religious broadcasting at RTE…when asked if there were any religious groups objecting to retention of the angelus he laughed and said only Atheist Ireland, if you count them as a religion …and many do. Atheism is the opposite of belief based on faith, it is belief based on evidence.

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

      If atheism is a religion, then the off button on a tv is a channel.

      DISCLAIMER: I don’t really give a poo, I just like the analogy.

    2. newsjustin

      Maybe, once a week, the chimes could be replaced by the anguished whines of an Atheist Ireland representative.

  5. Mr. T.

    It’s like when the VEC ‘Non Denominational’ schools opened. Basically it meant EVERYONE was welcome to attend mass.

      1. rotide

        RTE fanboys are so nerdy and need to get laid.
        Never understood the obsession with RTE.
        I always preferred a 2CV to RTE.

  6. george

    Twice a day our national broadcaster sends out a message that not so subtly says “This is a Catholic country”. That might not be such a problem except for the fact that the same thing was said to Savita Halappanavar when she was denied medical treatment that would have saved her life.

  7. formerly known as @ireland.com

    Remove all religious rubbish from RTE and other government services.

    The RCC can run their own religious station.

    You can meditate any time you like. Turn off the TV to do it.

  8. Lilly

    ‘Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’

    In a world that tries to treat us like perennial consumers, it’s good to get a twice daily reminder that we have some deeper significance.

  9. Frilly Keane

    Does the church crowd pay for that broadcast time

    That 60 secs wotkd be pricey
    Wouldn’t it

    Like if McDonald’s wanted’ta have that slot
    Would they get it for free

        1. Buzz

          You think? I see it as time out to think about something other than the hurly burly, such as our mortality.

  10. StepAwayFromTheBell

    They simply can’t take away the angelus. It enables us to watch the headlines on BBC news before digging into the local fare on RTE at 6:01. Common sense should prevail here…bong away kids!

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