The Bucks Start Here


hardy bucks_Tw

A new series;.

A ‘shneaky’ first look.

Sarah Neville writes:

It’s only 4 days until the Hardy Bucks, return to RTÉ2 with the new series beginning on October Bank Holiday Monday at 10.25pm. But fans of the Castletown lads don’t have to wait that long to see the show. The first episode of the six-part series will premiere exclusively on RTÉ Player from tomorrow evening….

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12 thoughts on “The Bucks Start Here

  1. Robby Cook

    RTE requests that I disable not only my ad-blocker to watch RTE player,but also to disable a second security wall which blocks cryptowall type infections. Stay clear.

      1. Robby Cook

        It will land on your PC/Phone one day…..and you can tell yourself….’that gentleman on BS was right’

        1. Disasta

          Please explain more…I don’t understand the second part “but also to disable a second security wall which blocks cryptowall type infections”

          1. Robby Cook

            ‘cryptowall’ IS the virus, not a firewall or anti virus program.

            The virus is not your run of the mill annoying ad-ware or script that reconfigures your browser to go to a gambling site etc..

            It doesn’t need to be downloaded through a email attachment
            Web banner adverts can deliver it should you click on one carrying it.
            (hence not turning it off just to watch RTE)

            It basically duplicates every file on your PC.. word docs, PDFs, JPGs etc..
            Encrypts them and deleats the original & shadow copies should you attempt
            to retrieve them. Then asks for payment for a decryption key.

            Its the real deal, not something like the Garda virus doing the rounds a few years back, which claims to have locked your PC.

            I had a laptop which became infected, lost a few files, had it been my workstation I would have lost a huge amount

  2. Fairhill

    Do all these guys have dads that work at RTE? I can think of no other reason why they would be on TV

    They are not funny in the slightest

    1. Disasta

      No complete muck program, copy of trailer park boys which was only passable to a particular group.

    2. Earthworm Jim

      ah it was funny on youtube at the time, just a bunch of lads wasting time in a little town in post recession Ireland, looking for ten spots and living with their mates in crap houses. Many of us have been that soldier.

      Loved it at the time, would be less keen now. Some of the youtube ones are good, like when they have the rave in their back garden, and the mitsi turbo cup. The RTE show is pure poo though.

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