This Week’s Le Cool Dublin Cover


Lorenzo cover


A first Le Cool Dublin cover by Italian-born,Swiss-trained, Dublin-based graphic designer Lorenzo Tonti

Lorenzo sez:

When I received the e-mail asking me if I would be interested in designing covers for ‘Le Cool’ Dublin I was sitting in a café sipping an espresso. While we exchanged e-mails, my mind started working on the design of it and I thought of my 31 years here. There I was sipping a drink that one could not find when I moved here—even decent coffee was unheard of. So the idea of using espresso to show ‘cool / changed Dublin’ seemed appropriate. Dublin is overflowing with coffee places, and finding a good espresso isn’t such a struggle anymore. I guess somewhere along the line our Italian ‘café’ culture became trendy and is now replicated and adopted as a national phenomena. I still rotate towards the Italian run places for the real shot mind you.


This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Lorenzo

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Le Cool Dublin Cover

  1. scottser

    there should be balance in all things. where is the magazine called ‘shoite dublin’ with all the skanky aspects of dublin life and culture? it would have a weak, milky tay on the front cover, in one of those little cups only your granny had but no-one used.

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