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    1. Malta

      It’s quite similar to some of the genuine but crazy marriage ref stuff that was posted here though…

      1. DubLoony

        It rings a bell – like the leaflet distributed around the RDS. Can’t recall the details for the moment.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        It really does.
        Even the hoaxer behind this sounds just as much a looney as the genuine loonies.

        1. well, tat's that

          It’s the much anticipated sequel to the Sounds of Sodomy we’ve all been waiting for!

          It’s like an Adele album, you’ll be waiting a while but it’s always worth it in the end

    2. Stephanenny

      I fear it’s legit. One was handed to my mate in Cork on the street when he went to see the bus. No idea by who but there you go.

  1. chicken

    Some very well thought out arguments or wait not AT ALL……………….

    1. Perhaps more doctors charges and counselors fees but think of the savings in child allowance and single mothers allowance and school costs etc.. think they lost this one.
    2. “Fatal Feotal abnormalities” – well firstly the spelling is wrong, but to compare this to the life of a stupid politician, thinking they need a good kick for this one. Obviously, they have never faced the situation of an unborn child and being given the information that your baby will not make it to full term. (neither can I but have empathy for those which have)
    3. the comment on female TDs is quite lacking, lacks evidence of the “mentally cripple” women who have had an abortion – “sigh” completely lacks evidence and how would this affect their vote?
    4. Supporting the GAA, etc. WHAT??
    5. Bankers, unborn this is just confusing, what is the point of this one?
    6. Indeed Pro-lifers STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!

    1. rotide

      Well thank god you took the time to set us straight. I think we were all taken in by their logical and reasonable arguments.

      Glad you were here for us Chicken

  2. Sido

    Is this some sort of a wind up to make the pro-life movement look more strange than they already are?

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní


        Present Day Don:Though, tbf, that is why we are in this position in the first place isn’t it Don?
        Past Don: Sorry Don.


  3. Joe835

    If you ever find yourself undecided on a topic, ask yourself which side seem the least crazy. There’s lots of little clues in this to help you sniff out the crazy:

    1. The relentless capital letters, which they think makes their message seem more urgent but in reality makes it harder to read because we look for shapes of words and capitals like this make it harder to distinguish them

    2. Yellow paper; again, a misguided attempt to add urgency and attract attention. Again, displaying a lack of understanding as to how people may interpret their message

    3. Straight into mentioning water at the start, probably trying to crowbar the anger many have over water charges into this entirely-unrelated subject

    4. Assuming those who have such a procedure need counselling for “years after an abortion”; a big leap, preaching to a choir who also assume that

    5. A puerile, rather pathetic and tasteless comparison of the very real issue of fatal foetal abnormalities with the entirely-invented and unfunny concept of “fatal adult abnormalities” – which the writer feels they must reiterate with a second line about it

    6. The phrase “pro-abort” is used in a way that suggests the writer thinks this is a common abbreviation; it’s not and is one of many odd turns-of-phrase that hints at someone not entirely in touch with wider societal norms

    7. The double-whammy of suggesting female TDs who support abortion rights are doing so to thin out the competition and using the quote ‘mentally-cripple’ (who is being quoted here anyway?) to describe the effects of an abortion is quite an achievement for such a nonsensical paragraph

    8. I’m intrigued at the suggestion that more abortions will reduce attendance at sporting events, as if to say that those in favour of abortion rights somehow wish this specific outcome to be achieved. There’s a number of viewpoints one could interpret from this; the idea that “pro-aborts” want to stamp out sport, the lifeblood of healthy communities, and create a more intellectual, left-wing society that places no value in athletic achievement would be my first theory

    9. A closing argument once again tries to drag in an unrelated grievance many Irish people have into this subject, suggesting this subject isn’t really important anyway, the bankers need to be….boxed? We saw this argument a few times in the Marriage Equality referendum; “there are more pressing issues” and the perennial favourite of those who don’t want to debate: “who cares, get over yourselves!”

    10. “Stop the nonsense, stop the killing” is again a childlike, simplistic argument that removes all nuance, all debate, all the grey from this very real issue.

    Of course, if this is fake, then it’s just wasted my time and yours! But it seems all too believable to me……

    1. newsjustin

      Silly leaflets aside, people should let their conscience inform their position on the matter. If it feels like a good idea to allow for the destruction of human life, then fair enough.

        1. newsjustin

          Life is full of surprises. On of the biggest recently is how often I find myself explaining basic biology, that sperm is not a human being, to people on the Internet.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “sperm is not a human being”

            And by what scientific authority is a zygote a human being?

          2. newsjustin

            It has all the necessary genetic information to be identified and regarded as what it is – a unique human being, the product of 2 other unique human beings.

          3. newsjustin

            But its not unique and not capable of being anything other than a skin cell. It is not a new human being.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            “It has all the necessary genetic information to be identified and regarded as what it is – a unique human being, the product of 2 other unique human beings.”

            So the answer to my question of ‘which scientific authority’ backs your claim that zygotes are human beings, your answer is ‘my opinion’. Good man. That was precisely my point. Can you provide me with an agreed upon definition of the term ‘human being’?

          5. Stephanenny

            A zygote isn’t unique if it’s identical twins. They’ve got all the exact same dna information too and there’s two of them.

          6. MoyestWithExcitement

            Steph, you’re making the mistake of assuming this guy has read any scientific material on this at all.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            Still waiting on you to provide a definitive definition of the term ‘human being’ there Justin.

          8. newsjustin

            Moyest, my scientific knowledge extends at least as far as understanding the difference between haploid and diploid cells, a point that still escapes you judging by your initial remark.

          9. MoyestWithExcitement

            Sure. Whatever you say. So, are you going to provide a definition of the term ‘human being’ or not?

          10. Stephanenny

            So you’re saying that the dna or unique nature actually aren’t required? Why did you mention either of those things then?

          11. newsjustin

            Steph, perhaps novel would have been a better word so, rather than unique, given the occasional occurance of identical twins.

          12. MoyestWithExcitement

            So your definition of ‘human beings’ is anything that is human? Are you high? You’re just embarrassing yourself now. Please, continue.

          13. MoyestWithExcitement

            Because it applies to *anything* human, like sperm for instance, which earlier you said wasn’t a human being. So, yet again, are you or aren’t you going to provide a definition of the term ‘human being’ or are you going to admit that you’re making this up on the fly and your laughable citation of scientific terminology was an attempt at moralising and belittling the opposing argument? Well, of course you’re not, but a man can dream.

          14. newsjustin

            No it doesn’t. It applies to any individual member of the genus Homo. You can huff and puff all you like, that won’t make you correct.

          15. MoyestWithExcitement

            Ok buddy, why don’t you explain what a genus is because I’d nearly bet money on you not having heard that term before today.

          16. newsjustin

            It does. In that a zygote has all of the dna that one would expect of a novel human being – not the same as it’s father’s, not the same at it mother’s, but a novel and unique (except for identical multiple births) genetic inheritance.

          17. rotide

            Should read ‘the law on seatbelts’.

            By your own evidence women choose to have abortions early. I’m struggling to think of a drawback to limiting elective abortions to 5 months or whatever. Is there a good reason for this?

        2. Stephanenny

          Except we’ve already established that a skin cell has all that information too and you said a skin cell isn’t unique but then we established that a zygote isn’t necessarily unique either. So either dna has nothing to do with your argument at all or we’re about to get stuck in a distinctly unamusing loop.

          1. newsjustin

            Novel Steph. We decided on novel. A new human being with a novel combination of genes (twins, etc allowed for). If it dies, that novel being is lost forever, never to be repeated. If a skin cell is lost, it’s just one of billions more.

          2. Stephanenny

            Your definition of “we” needs work along with your definition of “human being”. Maybe ask santa for a dictionary for Christmas.

          3. Lorcan Nagle

            The arguement as to the humanity of genetic material, or a sperm or ovum, or a part of the body is ultimately immaterial. Abortion is a medical decision, and it should be left up to the pregnant woman and her chosen medical advisors as to whether to go through with the preganacy or not.

            Justin is just engaging with FUD, just like he did during the run up to the marraige equality referendum.

          4. newsjustin

            In most cases, in most jurisdictions it’s more of a lifestyle decision Lorcan. Not made on the basis of a medical need.

            You’re right about the F in FUD though Lorcan. I fear for a society that accepts that certain human beings can be destroyed.

          5. Lorcan Nagle

            Yes, you fear a society where women are trusted to make the right decisions for their lives, just like you fear a society where everyone is equal to express their love the same way.

          6. newsjustin

            How can the destruction of a human life ever be the “right decision” for anyone? Are you pro death penalty too (seeing as we’re introducing other issues)?

          7. Lorcan Nagle

            An abortion is the right decision whenever the pregnant woman wants one. Simple as that. All your rhetoric, distraction tactics, and whataboutery will never change that.

            Trust women to do the right thing for them, stop being so hateful, insular and ignorant. You’ll feel be better and be a better human being for it.

          8. rotide

            An abortion is the right decision whenever the pregnant woman wants one
            That’s utter nonsense.
            It’s that type of black and white rhetoric that gives the pro life zealots support

          9. Lorcan Nagle

            >>Even if a woman feels at 6 months, or later that she wants an abortion?<<

            And this is nothing more than a canard, and a prime example of your misogyny and ignorance. The vast majority of women who don't want to be pregnant make that decision and go through with the abortion long before 6 months. In fact, at 6 months abortions are almost all for health issues, which you claim to be in favour of.

          10. Lorcan Nagle

            >>That’s utter nonsense.
            It’s that type of black and white rhetoric that gives the pro life zealots support<<

            This, coming from someone who goes on pro-life marches and lies about the counter-protests?

          11. newsjustin

            “Vast majority” “Almost all” And the decisions to abort late in pregnancy that don’t fall under these?

            You’re abortion for all ethos must mean you’re content to see sex-selective abortion? There are too many girls in India and China anyway Lorcan, aren’t there?

          12. Lorcan Nagle

            Are you honestly arguing that misogynistic issues in other cultures are a reason that women shouldn’t have access to abortion?

          13. newsjustin

            I’m daring to suggest that declaring that “any woman that wants an abortion for whatever reason should have one” leads to perverse outcomes.

          14. newsjustin

            But you’re in favour of a woman’s right to abort a pregnancy at any stage because the sex of the baby is a dissapointment, right? That’s your stated position.

          15. rotide

            I’ve never been on a pro life march in my life.

            And when pray tell have I ever lied about counter marches?

          16. rotide

            Lorcan, You’re the one throwing around words like Misyogny and ignorance and lies

            You’re also the one making sweeping black and white statements.

          17. Lorcan Nagle

            Argh, posted this in reply to the wrong post:

            I’m in favour of a woman having the right to choose whether to be pregnant or not. And truth be told, there’s plenty of reasons that a woman might choose to have an abortion that I wouldn’t personally agree with, but unless she asks me my opinion, then I shouldn’t have a say in the matter.

            And that’s what trusting women is all about – letting them make the choice, right or wrong for their life – because I’m never going to be pregnant, and you’re never going to be pregnant, but only one of us is looking to control what a woman does with her body.

            Rotide, I had you mixed up with somebody else who posted similar “both sides” rhetoric, so I apologise for that.

            But if Justin doesn’t want to be called a misogynist, he should stop posting misogynistic things.

          18. Stephanenny

            Oh sorry newjustin, I didn’t realise you hadn’t seen any of my comments. Gosh, what were you replying to in that case? Random.

          19. rotide

            I’ll trust women to do the right thing when I trust people to do the right thing.

            You can’t just give people carte blanche when it comes to anything, society doesn’t work like that. I’m pro-choice, I think the 8th should be repealed and I’d vote in favor of sensible abortion laws. I would never subscribe or vote for anything that gives women the right to have an abortion whenever or however they feel like it.

            Abortion on demand with no limits is never ever going to happen and the original statement you made seemed to be supporting it, which is what I took issue with

          20. Lorcan Nagle

            I don’t subscribe to punishing a large number of people for the percieved misdeeds of a far smaller number, and while I don’t have a huge amount of faith in Humanity, I do trust people to be somewhat pragmatic in terms of their life choices. If you look at countries like Canada – where there are no limits on abortion in law – the spread of abortions at different points in pregnancy are the same as countries where there are limits on elective access. Again, the vast majority of women who don’t want to be pregnant aren’t going to wait, in fact in Ireland a big part of the problem is that by the time women discover they’re pregnant, they then have a much more limited timeframe in which to try and secure the time off and money they need to travel, or even to take the abortion pill if they manage to sneak it past customs. Our restrictive laws make things worse for women in so many ways.

            Furthermore, comparative studies in the US have shown that states with better sex education and better access to abortion have lower teen pregnancy and teen abortion rates than ones where abstinence is the main method of preventing pregnancy is taught and women have to go through loopholes such as waiting periods and trans-vaginal ultrasounds.

            Trusting women to make the right choice works.

          21. newsjustin

            Trusting most people, most of the time to do the right thing is sensible and will yield good results. But not in the case of abortion. Because any deliberate taking of human life except where another’s life is at risk (analogous to self defence) is always inhumane and wrong.

          22. rotide

            Should read ‘the law on seatbelts’.

            By your own evidence women choose to have abortions early. I’m struggling to think of a drawback to limiting elective abortions to 5 months or whatever. Is there a good reason for this?

            repost, stupid lack of edit button

          23. Lorcan Nagle

            I would be happy if women in Ireland had elective access to abortion in this country with a time limit. I would be happier if there wasn’t a limit.

          24. newsjustin

            Lorcan has been quite clear, in fairness. He’s made it clear that he will tolerate any abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Lorcan would be content to allow for abortion of a baby at 38 weeks, hours from birth.

            It’s shocking. But at least he’s open about it.

          25. Lorcan Nagle

            I trust that if an abortion needs to be carried out hours from birth, that it’ll be for a good reason. Your arguement is based on some hypothetical woman who’s going to go through 9 months of physical hardship and then suddenly decide that she doesn’t want to go through with labour. That person doesn’t exist.

        1. newsjustin

          Yeah, up to a point. The fact is that any pregnancy can be aborted. Other factors are relivent to the discussion about whether we should or not.

          1. newsjustin

            Whether an abortion, or abortion generally, is necessary to save a mother’s life, whether it’s legal, whether it’s morally right, whether a person wants the procedure, whether both parents are in agreement.

            I’m not saying anything novel here. Just pointing out that being able to do something automatically means we must.

          2. Stephanenny

            Assuming you actually meant “being able to do something automatically *doesn’t* mean we must” Why do you feel the need to point that out?

            Also whether a person has consented or not is a fact that needs to be considered, you suggested that something other than facts need consideration.

            But I definitely think whether consent has been given is a fact that supercedes all the others. Such as whether or not someone has consented to carrying a pregnancy. I’d imagine that when they give or withhold consent they consider their personal “morality” but they’re under no obligation to consider anyone else’s. I know my personal morality is against poo tonnes of things other people do for themselves but that’s why I don’t do them. One example of something I’m morally against is forcing people to stay pregnant when they don’t want to be.

          3. Stephanenny

            Look just stop pretending this is about science for you. You’re embarrassing yourself and insulting our collective intelligence.

  4. Stephanenny

    I think this is an example of Poe’s law. A friend of mine was handed one of these on Patrick Street in Cork when the bus was there. He didn’t talk to the guy but did ye see the people who were gathered there for that bus? I think one woman was actually wearing a mantilla. I’d absolutely believe this was being handed out. Sure didn’t they make that “literal tsunami of death” video? It’s nearly as ridiculous.

  5. Liggy

    If this is real, the person that wrote it is waaaaaay out of touch with reality.

    The UK has abortions and still manages to find enough people to play in the GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball…… and the 1000s of other league sports that take place on that near Island.

    I love the woman-hating suggestion that if females have the right to have abortions, we would be having them like sweets and then breaking down in a flopping useless heap for the rest of our lives. (Guess what: Most women don’t!)

    Marie Stropes reckons that 1 in 10 women in Ireland have had an abortion at one of their centres, I think SOMEONE might notice the collective weeping and wailing that this leaflet promises if we were all about to lose all reason as a result of the procedure to remove a few cells from our body.

  6. Annie

    More of this please. If Youth Defence think that “pro-abort” this and “contracept” that is going to sway the electorate in any potential Repeal the 8th Referendum, they are either hilariously deluded or more than likely ust looking for any excuse to peddle their brand of craziness. The icing on the swivel-eyed-loon cake is surely the suggestion that couples are using a fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis as an excuse for their baby-bloodlust. And for what it is worth, I don’t think the “abortion pill bus” helps our dysfunctional abortion debate in any way.

  7. Peter Dempsey

    Good old Vicky Langan. Can always depend on her for a dig at anti-abortionists.

    The nihilist who brought the scat freak Jean Louis Costes to Cork – all in the name of “music”.

    1. Sham Bob

      She just posted the flyer, whoever printed it is the one making ‘anti-abortionists’ look like crazies.

  8. Soylent Fart

    it’s funny because in most of the civilised western world this is a routine procedure where no one in their right mind would consider any of the above commentariat worth a fart. Keep on squabbling tho. eventually safe abortions will be forced upon you by the EU like the majority of good decisions affecting this country so far.

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