13 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Walter-Ego

    Front page of the Scum, “Vinny’s face slashed…..”
    Like they are on first name terms with the “Bros Vin n Al”.
    Gutter Journalism.

  2. John

    “the” gender pay gap myth again. The Cork Examiner really is a horrendous left wing rag. Gays, “gender”, abortion, SJWs and evil men is all they care about. The last interests of a dying profession and suffocating business model. It’s comical to watch.

    When the feminist academics were busy counting the months, did they forget to count the hours?

    1. Anne

      “When the feminist academics were busy counting the months, did they forget to count the hours?”

      Here ya go.
      40 hours times 8 weeks equals 320 hours P.A. On the house, free, gratis, saor. On us, just coz we’re so nice.
      Then off home to be the house skivvy for another free hours.

    2. Sham Bob

      ‘SJW’ – at least they haven’t resorted to using that acronym, the signifier of a tiny mind, addled by the darkest reaches of the internet.

      1. John

        Have you ever considered that ordinary people might be a little bit sick of the left-wing clap-trap that’s been grating the populace for 50+ years like a broken record? That they might just be getting on with their lives, as people have always done, and not spend every waking moment on high alert for fear they might be going against the Trinity College New Ireland narrative?

        Daily Mail is the only newspaper in Ireland that does proper journalism. Today’s screenshots are a case in point. Daily Mail had an article a few days ago about Garda pay and how Gardai are on the dole and unable to pay rent for a paltry Dublin lifestyle. The Irish Times are afraid of their lives that queen bee Frances Fitz and New Ireland feminist icon Noreen would look like idiots. If you want to stay “on message” and read about de gays and de evil church, knock yourself out with the uneducated jobbridge journos from Tara Street.

        Then there’s the little matter of hit counts. Daily Mail vs. “The Oirish Times”… I would hazard a guess, that dailymail.co.uk gets more hits from Ireland’s closet royal watchers and football fans than the Irish Times could ever dream of. And best of luck to the Irish folks who seek something better. They might even enjoy themselves looking at Garth Bale’s new girlfriend or Kate’s bump or, heaven forbid, Kate might spur them into actually reproducing. Ireland needs more (and younger) mothers. There are far too many skanky aul 35+ vaginas (used at least 100 times) knocking around in Ireland.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          That last sentence…
          I wasn;t expecting…
          I mean I didn’t…

          I don’t know what to say.

        2. Lilly

          It’s ABM back under yet another alias. Please don’t sully the fine name that is John.

          I hate to break it to you but The Irish Times had never dirtied its hands with JobBridge. The Daily Mail, however, has. Try to get your facts right. As for the rest of your misogynistic bile, fret not, they might take you in the priesthood yet.

  3. mauriac

    Good to see Shakar released . interesting to note that the US hasn’t given an apology let alone compensation to any of the people it has locked up without trial in its Cuban gulag …

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