A customised ‘cut out and send’ donation form for ‘sheet readers.

Depaul’s  ‘Shelter and Soup’ emergency appeal.

Seeking donations to provide emergency accommodation and food for people sleeping rough this Winter.

Mairead Murphy writes:

In tandem with the Shelter and Soup appeal, Depaul will continue to operate two Cold Weather Initiative hostels which provide a total of 47 beds per night for people at risk of sleeping rough in Dublin. The hostels open from 9:00pm-8:45am seven days a week and offer emergency food and accommodation for single men and women and couples who are homeless.


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6 thoughts on “Dear You

    1. Tatty

      It’s for processing card payments through the Worldpay system – the payment is usually declined if two forms of contact, eg. Address and phone, or address and email, are not provided.

  1. frank

    By dropping the link to the saint these guys are displaying a wholly dishonest motivation.
    I will not assist them in what I believe is a front, a guise.
    What is worse is that SVP appear to have complied with the scam.

    1. Sido

      I’d just worked that out on re-reading the post. I don’t know anything about the running of SVP but they seem to be a very well meaning organisation.

      I wonder why the name change and “chug you” internet form? It hardly inspires confidence.

  2. Depaul

    Depaul is part of the Vincentian family and was founded by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian Fathers. Now a separate organisation, Depaul follows the same ethos to help homeless people who are most in need. Depaul maintains close links with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul; for instance, we manage Backlane Hostel in Dublin in partnership with the SVP:

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