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The local authority said capacity has been sourced at three additional locations to replace the beds closing in Brú and there will be an overall increase in the number of available beds.

Those currently sleeping in the hostel, which is used on a “one-night only” basis, will be accommodated in new facilities.

It is understood that not all of the replacement beds will be available immediately and not all are based in the city centre.

Homeless hostel in Dublin city centre set to close (RTÉ)




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This afternoon.

The Department of Housing has revealed that a total of 10,305 people accessed emergency accommodation in the month of March.

There are now 3,821 children homeless in Ireland with a total of 6,484 adults experiencing homelessness also.

Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony said:

“Recently we have seen in some of our emergency accommodations that over 50% of those new to homeless were between the ages of 18-34. It is important to point out that this is a sample representing Depaul’s emergency services however, for some young adults in our society that means starting your adult life off as homeless. We believe nobody should be faced with that prospect when they have so much to give and are at such a young age.”

Homeless figures reach new record level (RTÉ)



A customised ‘cut out and send’ donation form for ‘sheet readers.

Depaul’s  ‘Shelter and Soup’ emergency appeal.

Seeking donations to provide emergency accommodation and food for people sleeping rough this Winter.

Mairead Murphy writes:

In tandem with the Shelter and Soup appeal, Depaul will continue to operate two Cold Weather Initiative hostels which provide a total of 47 beds per night for people at risk of sleeping rough in Dublin. The hostels open from 9:00pm-8:45am seven days a week and offer emergency food and accommodation for single men and women and couples who are homeless.



Christchurch, Dublin, today.

Eddie Gardner writes:

I am working on a project with Depaul Ireland, a Homeless charity that provides accommodation and key services to people who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems. We plan to cultivate a series of small pop-up gardens to be planted in different locations across Dublin city throughout the spring.
The gardens aim to transform their surroundings into brighter, cheerful areas for the public. Gardens placed in dull and dark areas of the city in disrepair, that could benefit from brightening up. This idea, coinciding with the clocks going forward, is to mark the launch of Depaul Ireland’s “Brightening Up Dark Situations” campaign.


And, some of the pop up gardeners:

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