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        1. Earthworm Jim

          why should they use the road? the cycle path is closer to their desired destination and cyclists will often tell you how they don’t have to use cycle paths, and can use the road whenever they want.

          cyclists love whining, except me

          1. Gdo

            Cyclists are normally referring to those pathetic excuse for cycle paths you see running along the roadside, such as you on the Stillorgan road.

            This path, on the other hand, looks like a proper bike path that cyclists would have no problem using.

      1. Sheila

        It’s been changed to Harcourt Road now. It’s not there either!

        Definitely between Mount St and Baggot St.

        1. Susan The Silent

          It’s Warrington Place looking towards Huband Bridge in Dublin 2, and that’s dangerous parking. Should be reported to the authorities.

    1. B Bop

      Birkenstock wearing, one pint drinking (no rounds), beardy, jumper under fluorescent garb (summer attire) wiiiieeeners STFU.
      I love cycling around our gorgeous town (not as above) …enough stress for us all- Mr Truck Driver here had no option…stop moaning McCall & enjoy the gorgeous canal cycle!

  1. Praetorian.

    Jesus wept…the time you took to take the picture and tweet to Garda traffic and Broadsheet you’d have been a km up the road.Just get over it the fupp and let the man do his job…ten minutes,maybe 20 max and he’s gone.
    Getting well pissed off with these cyclist clowns.

    1. Anomanomanom

      So if he stopped in the road and blocked all traffic, leaving the cycle lane unblocked you wouldn’t have a problem because he’s doing his job. It’s like the idiots who insist on having half their car in the cycle lane.

      1. Owen

        But this is stopping nobody and it’s delaying nothing. If he parked in the rd he would delay loads of cars….. and they would have probably driven into the cycle lane to get around him, and you would be on here moaning about it. Its the obvious solution to getting a job done.

        1. pedeyw

          You can’t really drive on the cycle lane there, there’s a curb between. It’s one of the nicest places in Dublin to cycle.

        2. mike

          If its stopping nothing and delaying nobody, then lets just turn that piece of tarmac into a permanent parking spot?

          The point of cycle lanes is that they are for cyclists, not for emergency parking.

  2. Dolye Ware

    Plenty of room down the left side of the truck to get by…..and if another bike is doing the same towards you, you wait and then go…….no hassle.
    These cyclists everyday always pointing the finger out at other people, like they are the problem……
    nothing beats cutting up a cyclist on the way home from work…..pure enjoyment…

  3. dr

    This is a marked cycle route, this is no place for the loading or unloading.
    @Praetorian :if it is his job, let him perform it properly if you do not let it change work.

  4. Mr. T.

    One day I was cycling against the wind, head down… then all of a sudden up a ramp into the back of a movers van… before I knew it, off we went and I ended up in Amsterdam.

  5. Joxer

    the truck should not be there. simple. its a cycle lane not an unloading lane. yes i am a cyclist and yes i am a car driver too (tho not at same time obviously) . cannot stand ignorant road users though no matter what conveyance they use.

  6. munkifisht

    Copy paste on the reasons everyone, especially motorists should be for the protection and enforcements of bike lanes.

    Bike lanes are for everyone’s benefit, not just cyclists. Why? here’s a few reasons:

    1) Traffic: Most obvious one. The more people cycling the fewer cars on the road, the better it is for motorist

    2) Leeds on from the traffic argument. If there’s fewer cars it generates secondary costs savings. Goods and services are more easily delivered. Cities are machines and when people are on bikes they just work better and make more money for everyone.
    Also there’s a cost saving to motorists as they won’t be spending as much on petrol and of course time costs money. Not only that but bikes are less damaging to infrastructure meaning road surfaces don’t need to be maintained as readily.

    3) Health benefits: Cyclists are going to generally live longer, be healthier, be less likely to smoke and be less of a burden on the health service in old age. This also means you won’t be waiting so long to see your doctor.

    4) Environment: Obviously bikes are better for the environment reducing noise and air pollution. They don’t just make cyclists healthier, they make everyone healthier. Do you know how many people are killed from the burning of fossil fuels every year in the US alone? 13,200.

    The main hindrance to people getting on a bike is safety. Bike lanes should be demanded from all sectors, not only cyclists, as the more people who cycle the better it is for everyone. There simply isn’t an argument against it.

    1. Ha

      You forgot pedestrians. They benefit from not having to put up with psychlists driving their vehicles on the footpath.

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