Children Of The Capuchin



The Capuchin Day Centre.

A welcome Dublin refuge for the homeless.

Of all ages.

John Lawrence writes:

Not every 81-year-old Dubliner goes to bed at 10.30pm, has five hours sleep, and is back in his office again at 3.30am to resume operations. That’s the quotidian routine of Brother Kevin Crowley, who runs The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People on Bow Street, near Dublin’s Four Courts.

This remarkable Friar has had two heart bypasses, but still continues to lead the centre with the same energy he had when it opened in 1969.

The numbers at his door keeping on coming, despite the speed of native economic growth. And the stats for last Wednesday alone (Oct 28th) are staggering: 560 breakfasts served, 565 for dinner, 1700 food parcels given out, and a total of 60 children attending.

That 60 Irish kids must accompany their mothers/fathers to a shelter for homeless people to receive a free hot meal is just horrendous in 2015.

Bro. Kevin says (above) [in a video interview that forms part of a social media campaign we (five DCU students) are doing, as part of an MA project, to highlight growing numbers of homeless families in Ireland] that he is “shocked” and “horrified” that the recession, and now the fabled recovery, has forced his organisation to expand to the young.

Deep scars are forming in these children, and these physiological and psychological wounds will take a long time to heal unless agencies and charities are aided, not just by the Government, but by everyone who is able to shout loud enough for real social change in Ireland.

For those who wish to follow our efforts, we are on @KidsNeedAHome

Kids Need A Home

7 thoughts on “Children Of The Capuchin

    1. DubLoony

      This centre has been going since 1969.
      Was packing bags there a while back. Its a significant catering organisation, run mainly by volunteers who are retirees. A decent bunch.

      But there should be hard questions asked of the multiple homeless charities operating in Dublin, many of whom are funded by tax payers as well as donors. There is duplication of services and questionable effectiveness. Have no doubt about the sincerity but there are millions of euro in this sector.

      1. Joni2015

        It’s the duplication of effort and waste. Of course every charity head wants to have their own fiefdom and won’t be relinquishing control any time soon.

    2. scottser

      homeless charities are in league with the rickshaw operators, you know. it’s all a huge scam that funds the pro-life groups.

      1. Peter Dempsey

        Couldn’t be. Pro-choice people are always bleating that pro-lifers don’t care about any born children.

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Years ago I was strapped for cash and needed dental work and I rang them to ask how much it would cost. One of the monks said that I could go down no charge and get my teeth done with a dentist who worked once a week and saw to their service users. In the end I borrowed the money from my parents but I never forget how open and honest and selfless these people are.

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