For Your Consideration: Payday


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Caroline from Brainy Films writes:

We made another cheapo comedy short – it’s called Payday, and it’s for anyone who’s ever gone “Why do I work for this idiot?” – so pretty much everyone.

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11 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Payday

  1. Jake38

    “Why do I work for this idiot?” Probably, because idiot and all that he is, he is smarter than you.

  2. Biff2015

    Very well filmed, good acting too. I think the script could be tightened up though.

    But overall well done!

  3. Mr. T.

    You should so one where a little smart-ass 24 year old fresh out of college keeps calling in sick on Fridays because he was out drinking until 3am like a child. And then he’s fired. Wah ha ha.

  4. B Bop

    Very good…perhaps the addition of stupid boss leaving porn on desktop & not knowing how to delete…even though running an actual security I.T. business.
    I witnessed that on first job after post grad, 20 years ago…when the Internet machine was still young.

  5. Digs

    Jesus H! That was beyond bad. What are you people watching? It was so awful. I don’t understand???

  6. classter

    Really awful, predictable guff. These kind of sketches always seem to have a really over-the-top yet oblivious villain & an incredulous, ‘sympathetic’ character.

    I don’t like to tie everything back to being Irish but we do seem to be able to produce fantastic stand-ups but our ‘sketch’ programmes often veer close to this type. So many RTE & TG4 & commercial radio produce this sort of hacky humour.


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