33 thoughts on “Godwin’s Law: Alive! And Well

  1. bored with morons


    Just when you think these people can’t get any more stupid, they find a new level of stupidity.

  2. well

    Sorry Jackie AsCough. this wet dream moment of reckoning you are calling for will never come.

    Unlike the slaves in the US and the Jews killed at Auschwitz a fetus in the early stages is not conscious it hasn’t developed it’s own will and doesn’t care.

  3. well, tat's that

    The only thing that will be different in 20,40 or 50 years will be the ever dwindling influence of the professional pedophilia circuit that is the RCC. Further secularism please. They’re religion can rein free inside the church gates all it likes.

  4. Junkface

    “…And what did Grandad say when you asked him what the Catholic priests and brothers did to his childhood friends in the 1950’s? Oh, they raped them. Everyday sometimes, some of the children were tortured, called names, told that they were useless, and threatened with death if they did not agree to be raped, buggered, and sexually molested.
    Also they found around 800 dead babies and children buried in a field near a Catholic home for kids in Galway.”

  5. Weedless

    Wait. So charging a woman who worked in Auschwitz is just confirming our smug self-righteousness? Are they saying we she shouldn’t have been changed? So in their pro-life future we shouldn’t change anyone involved in abortions either. And, I guess, since people who are pro-life could never be either smug or self-righteous they won’t change anyone?

    Cool then let the abortions continue. No matter the future we have nothing to worry about.

    While we’re confirming our smugness and before we lose power to the more enlightened and humble pro-lifers can we change some of the members of the church who abused kids too?

    1. well


      Ex cardinal Brady should be languishing in a cell right now thinking long and hard about his decisions.

  6. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Did you know what was going on in Auschwitz at the hands of the Nazis?
    Did you know what was going on with abortions at the hands of.. people?
    Did you know what was going on with the torture and rape kids by priests?

    The same argument might be used in any number of scenarios. I wonder if ‘Alive!’ did lots of exposés about abusive clergy from 1996. Or is it only unborn kids that need protection?

    1. well

      It’s run by a Jacki Ascough who is also involved with spirit radio i think, their protege’s are also starting to write articles for it now so they can carry on the family business a.k.a Lolek.

    1. well

      Maria Mhic Mheanmain has already said if there is a campaign she looks forward to seeing abortion pictures everywhere..

  7. Ming

    No mention of the football competition at the camp… or the swimming pool…. or the cinema…. or the musical instruments…. the lie that just keeps on giving…

    “There was the humiliation and the lack of food but on the whole life wasn’t too bad.
    ‘The Germans, contrary to what a lot of people think, were pretty good to us on the whole.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2443817/Former-prisoner-war-96-remembers-playing-Auschwitz-football-league-return-Nazi-death-camp.html#ixzz3qRBp0zL3

  8. irishstu

    Her crime, it seems, was helping the camp [that murdered 260,00 people] to function…
    These guys are actually empathising with her… hardly surprising they are on the ‘only obeying orders’ side.

  9. phil

    I hope my Grand-kids don’t ask me ,
    was it true that there were the religious organisations that attempted to control peoples lives, often times people who had nothing to do with their organisation.
    Was it true that we allowed public/civil servants to act as an invisible hand within their departments against the common good in order to force their beliefs on society at large?
    Was it true that we allowed our ‘republic’ to be undermined by the interference of a foreign state ( the Vatican)
    Was it true that we did not offer psychiatric help to people who believed in imaginary beings , and worse allowed them to hold positions of power and influence!

    I will be embarrassed , but will have to say that I could do little of anything, these people were far too dangerous in my time…

  10. Clampers Outside!

    “What kind of leadership did the church give when opposing such evil?”

    I’d tell Fíachra and Punchiest… They gave no leadership because they weren’t a body with any leadership worth speaking of and that they had proven themselves to be untrustworthy, women-hating, human rights abusing, self-protecting, lying, money hiding, paedo-protecting, scum. Now Fíachra and Punch, now you know why we campaigned to have the schools removed from the church’s care. And you know what we did do, we repealed the 8th.

  11. donal

    The basic premise here is completely flawed

    There might be a time in the future when those who now campaign on the pro-choice side will be seen as complicit in mass murder and thus retrospectively charged with involvement, cause times change

    Just like when a now elderly woman was charged recently for complicity in a different incidence of mass murder years ago that at the time wasn’t considered mass murder, and has only become so recently due to times changing. She was walking around for 70 years proclaiming herself proud of her achievements in early life up til now, not hiding in plain sight hoping not to be noticed


    1. well

      “There might be a time in the future when those who now campaign on the pro-choice side will be seen as complicit in mass murder and thus retrospectively charged with involvement, cause times change”

      Unless the church leads a coup that wont be happening.

      1. donal

        You missed my point
        The argument is that what is ok now may not be in years to come.
        At what point in history was the holocaust ever thought of as ok?

        1. well

          The biology isn’t going to change though. we’re pretty certain about the points at which a fetus can begin to feel and start to think.

          There is never going to not be a need for abortion.

          1. well

            I’m trying to say that this speculative fiction from the lolek brain trust is never going to happen.

            Unless you think rounding up 160k+ Irish women that have had abortions and the people that helped them seems plausible.

          2. donal

            No one thinks it will happen

            The argument in the piece suggests that everybody was ok with the holocaust in 1946, and 1947, and 1948… but now that it’s 2015 suddenly people are looking back at it and going “jeez, that was a bit wrong wasn’t it lads”

            What kind of idiot must you be to have such a revisionist view of history?

  12. nellyb

    It’s an overkill to expect high journalistic standards from a self-contained religious blog. Though, they could become sophisticated when Ben Conroy comes back from Oxford.

    1. well, tat's that

      oooooooh, I can’t for a bit of lofty bullsh!t. He’ll be the loftiest of the lot. Not so lofty to actually come out of the closet though.

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