What You’ll Be Wearing This Summit



From top: Maser; Matthew Griffin; Steve Simpson; Donough O’Malley

Donough O’Malley writes:

Just in case any of your readers are going to Web Summit 2015, I thought this might interest them, I’m part of the official Web Summit T-shirt group, along side Steve Simpson, Maser and Matthew Griffin. We produced four limited edition designs that are only available at the summit, with all proceeds going to Coderdojo, a global charity that offers programming clubs to kids….

Announcing The Web Summit Tees (WebSummit)

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21 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing This Summit

  1. Weedless

    First one looks a bit like a graphic from an ad for heartburn relief. Quite like the others though.

    Is the unicorn in the third one meant to represent Ireland’s “knowledge economy” or the likelihood of finding a representative of the government at the summit?

  2. Verbatim

    Is the first tee-shirt meant to be north and south side with the Liffey in the middle? (There’s something kind of erotic about it! ) If I were a betting person I’d say that the second two tee-shirts will bring in the money. Best of luck with the summit.

  3. Mourinho

    Great idea to fundraise for CoderDojo, well done.

    Does the money from the hoodies also go to charity?

    1. rotide

      Too busy writing plays that aren’t going to see the light of day due to patriarchy to be designing t-shirts

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