Are You A Substitute Teacher?



Looking for cover?


An Ireland-based website for schools and temporary teachers.

Geoff Finan writes;

We’re an Irish startup company that’s launching a website in Ireland and England simulateously for substitute teachers. Our aim is to put schools directly in touch with teachers, which doesn’t happen at the moment. It’s kind of like a site for teachers. The site is free to use at the minute but we’re looking for some primary school teachers to sign up and feedback {link below] to us about their experience, so that we can tweak the site as needed…

*throws paper plane*


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15 thoughts on “Are You A Substitute Teacher?

  1. ahjayzis

    I really fupping hate the word ‘start up’.

    New. You’re a new company. Congratulations on not existing a short time ago.

  2. Stephen F

    The IPPN (Irish Primary Principals Network) runs a ‘textasub’ system on their website that works pretty well at putting principals directly in touch with teachers, and is free too

    1. Geoff

      Hi Stephen, we actually got the idea after using the textasub option for a while. It’s very random. Basically every teacher subscribed to the service gets a text at the same time. The fastest along gets the post. It’s very hard to plan ahead as a sub too. Hopefully this takes away the randomness of booking a teacher and can also give teachers a platform where they can plan posts in advance.

      1. Stephen F

        Fair enough, but I reckon hard up unemployed qualified teachers will prefer the ‘randomness’ than paying the €50 a month to be listed on your website.

        Best of luck with it anyway

  3. Christopher

    OMG. Every new app is the “sorta like Airbnb but for…” . When will the dot.com2 bust finally happen?

  4. ahjayzis

    Charging the jobseekers as opposed to the employers seems like the wrong way to go about it.
    It’s quite a high price too, basically 600 quid a year?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Based on the above I don’t know if there would be much incentive for employers to use it though, if they can just send out a mass free text and get desperate teachers scrambling for work.

      The Dept should have been doing this proper system for years, of course.

  5. Colm

    50e per month? 600e per year for unemployed people to maybe get work. I was gonna send it to a primary teacher buddy of mine but not at that price!

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