Merc Berk Goes Beserk




Via the DDAI (Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland) Facebook page:

Parked in a hotel in Castleblayney [Co Monaghan]. Driver refused to move for the hotel receptionist and was [allegedly] aggressive when confronted! Share and shame…

To the pitchforks!

DDAI (Facebook)

Thanks Rob Gale

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47 thoughts on “Merc Berk Goes Beserk

    1. Neilo

      To the car, I take it? We dwellers in the Border Country are trying to lose our easily-won reputation for excellence with a Lou’vul Slugger.

    1. Clampers Outside!


      My godchild is severely handicapped and it pisses me off no end when I see and hear of these people with their assumed importance. They’re just scumbags.

      And feck that old school thinking of ‘say nothing, don’t make a fuss’. Just fupp that type of door mat syndrome.

      1. Medium Sized C

        Its pretty new school thinking actually.

        Its the idea that anonymous harassment on the internet is a bad thing.
        Its faceless bullying regardless of what state any of your relatives are in.
        Parking like a poo-head is pretty minor stuff compared to the current trend of actively trying to ruin peoples lives for perceived transgressions. Particularly when the hiding behind the twin walls of a crowd and the internet.

        Being a coward is being a coward.
        Don’t share and shame.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “actively trying to ruin peoples lives for perceived transgressions”


          One can easily name and shame and leave it at that. No one is ‘actively trying to ruin lives’ or at least, I am not promoting that. I am expecting people to do so in a mannerly and socially acceptable way, and not be dicks like the driver.
          One can simply name and shame, one does not need to ‘go full retard’ on it and ‘ruin lives’.

          I reposted it elsewhere under my real name, by the way.

      2. postmanpat

        Ha! godchild? there’s no such thing as god. If there was, no one would be handicapped. But I understand your cognitive dissonance. I hope the ceremony was nice and the family had a nice day and donated the church a few quid.

    2. postmanpat

      true. these people have no scruples so one is just being a self righteous willy with this “naming” and “shaming” lark. Ignore it and get on with your life or actually do something . The dope probably just pulled in there for a minute finalizing his room account or something. no big deal.

      1. Snickers

        Or maybe he could have pulled in for a minute somewhere people in wheelchairs or with blood disorders or breathing difficulty or cancer may need the space don’t need to pull in for a minute themselves. Ireland is suddenly full of “I’m rich, f*pp you” merchants. (That * is to satisfy the ladylike trembling of Broadsheet moderators.)

    3. Disasta

      There’s no excuse for it so don’t excuse it.
      Mate of mine is disabled and deals with this all the time.
      People taking up a lot of the path with their cars parked is another.
      Pure ignorance.

      1. Cup of tea anyone

        We should all print it out on a sheet of paper, Stick it to our bumpers and drive up and down the M50 all day.

    1. 15 cents

      i saw that.. and wanted to actively do something .. but I dunno what to do with a reg number. why ever hide reg numbers? onyl guards can track them down .. id say. ill try send the pic to the garda twitter page, but righting wrongs weirdly isnt top of their ‘to do’ list.

    2. Outis

      The full number plate is indeed available on the FB link and when checking it with it turns out that the car is supposed to be red in colour.

      2015 Mercedes-benz S-class S 500 Plugin Hybrid A/T 4DR Auto

      Bit odd is all I’m saying!!

  1. Soft like

    Somebody give Liam neeson a shout, apparently he has a ‘particular set of skills’ that should sort this out.

    1. Mysterybeat

      I believe the car may be registered to one L. Neeson. No, that’s too obvious. Let’s call him Liam N….

  2. ____

    Should have called the Guards?

    The person was parked in a disabled spot and possibly guilty of breaching the peace (or similar).
    If hotel management was willing to put up with their staff being treated like that then it’s a pretty shameful reflection on them.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’d advise the hotel to repaint the disabled symbol, erect a warning sign with details of fine etc. and put a policy together. There are p****s getting away with this lark every day.

  4. Barry

    What piece of political correctness lead the J to blank out the number plate?? We’d all like to sneer at the owner.

  5. pissedasanewt

    151 merc.. possibly a government minister collecting water charges?

    So the hotel has no power to clamp somebody parked in a disabled spot on their property? If he wants to be a p****, get two staff members to park right in front and right behind him. Box him in..

  6. Oh Dear

    Broadsheet mob:

    Be a bit thoughtful about your parking to be nice to disabled people: Yes!

    Be a bit thoughtful about your Halloween costume to be nice to people of colour: NO! RACISM DOESN’T EVEN EXIST IN IRELAND, YOU FASCIST! FUPP BLACK PEOPLE AND THEIR FEELINGS! I’M THE VICTIM!

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