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          1. Neilo

            I lurk more, too, I met a bunch of them when I was in London a few years ago and most were very nice. Sorry for off-topic

  1. munkifisht

    I said this yesterday but I was late to the party so I’ll say it again…

    It’s actually not inherently racist. In fact you’re misunderstanding what racist means.

    There’s nothing racist about painting your face a certain colour, it’s the beliefs of the person who does this that are racist. Let me give you the two examples I oft quote when it comes to this. One is the kid in the states who caused a furore when he painted his face black when dressing up as his favorite Marvel character, Nick Fury. The kid isn’t racist, in fact the opposite is the case. His hero is a black man. Ok, there’s racial insensitivity, but that’s different.

    Lets take a second example. in 2013 there was outrage because an Italian team Rioveggio blacked up, however the reason is anything but racist. One of their team mates who was black was being harassed by their fans with racist chants. To show solidarity and convey that the players skin colour does not matter, the team pout on black make up and said no to racism. In this case it’s way different. We might look at that and see it as perhaps not racist but racially insensitive, but that’s us looking from a US influenced perspective. This possibly (and I am not Italian, I don’t know) is not even racially insensitive.

    I’m not going to comment on the picture [yesterday]. I don’t know the background. It looks like a stupid costume. I don’t know if the guy’s a racist. [The fact he won is probably more worrying]. What I am going to say though is so called black face is not in itself a racist thing.

    1. Unreconstructed

      In fact, I sometimes wonder if this over sensitivity to the surface forms of racism is a convenient method to mask the deeper, less easy to spot racism; a way to pretend that there isn’t any racism anymore, to hide it under this false(?) concern for black peoples’ feelings. It allows anyone (without any cost whatsoever) to publicly proclaim how non-racist they are, while in the real world the growing segregation, police killings, poverty, etc (in the US) of black people continues.

      1. george

        To stop dressing up in black face is a tiny thing that makes no real difference to the lives of white people. It matters to a lot of black people so just stop and stop defending it. It’s a trivial thing to you so let it go and stop arguing about it.

        1. donkey_kong

          why should I hinder my behaviour for something I don’t believe in.?
          so as not to offend some people….for every black person offended by black face there are many more who don’t give a damn. who is right? why is it always the offended that is right

          1. george

            It widely found to be offensive not just by a few people. We’ve know this for years. I think you don’t understand the problem because you have clearly never been victim of racism. Look at your outrage at people trying to restrict you based on race and think how it must feel to actually be a black person who has been a victim of serious racist discrimination. How do you think it would feel for that person to see white people dressing up as a parody of their race?

            It puts your indignation about your behaviour being “hindered” in perspective. Your argument is like people in the south of America defending the confederate flag. You are valuing something trivial to you over something very serious to the people affected by it.

          2. donkey_kong

            well george, fire ahead tell the people of the southern states that their flag is trival to them .
            But how do you actually know that? Who are you to judge what their flag means to them? you are guilty of what you are preaching to me..

            the handful of black people I know don’t give an f over black face. From what I see it’s/ the outraged social campaigners trying to justify their existence that do.
            Your idea that black face is a parody is stupid and wide of the mark.
            If I wanted to dress up as michael jordan for halloween…where is the parody in that? none.

            apart from having skinheads challenge me in a chipper in london singing “no surrender to the ira” and black lads (also in london) call me a cracker and a black woman in south africa call me a white devil. then no.

            you are right i haven’t and after each of those events I ring the privileged hotline and they brought me out some fluffy blankets , hot chocolate and job offer in citibank

          3. munkifisht

            People do parody my race all the time George. I’m Irish, and THAT is racism. Parody IS racism. You’ve struck the nail right on the head. to make fun of another race is racist, but makeup is not in itself racist, and actually, it doesn’t really matter who you are or what your skin colour is, considering all forms of black makeup racist is simply incorrect and serves to dilute and obscure the real issues. I do however think racial insensitivity is a real thing and a bad in itself, but it doesn’t help to confuse it with what is true racism.

  2. Dόn Pídgéόní

    Glad I missed that one but you all looked like you had fun and that’s the main thing *squeezes your cheeks*

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    If yis are so sure it’s not offensive , try a night out in Hackney instead of some safe bog in Ireland for example in costume. You’ll never make it home.

  4. Kieran NYC

    Of course! It’s the people who are being asked not to pointlessly hurt another group of people who are the true victims in this.

    Well done lads – it sure is your right to stay an ignorant bully.

  5. Caroline

    I spotted a guy wearing that outfit on Halloween night. Somehow he had managed to restrain himself from blacking up though. Just to prove he could I suppose. There’s always one show-off.

    1. Deluded

      Next year I’m going to have a red thumb and a green thumb.
      (Haven’t figured out yet how to cart around the Encyclopedia Britannica)

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