5 thoughts on “Rounding Up

  1. joj

    300ml? ah here 6000ml total, 20 X 330ml is 6600
    So you’re down 2 bottles essentially, and that’s before we get into it being 4.3% against the 4.9% standard in euroland.

    And this is being marketed as the cheap supermarket alcohol epidemic that we have to stop for some reason because we should make everything more expensive like the revered ‘nordic’ model


  2. Ronan

    Of course, the more important thing here is to note that these Bud bottles are 30ml smaller than the size that people would normally expect.
    Not a lot of people notice that.

    1. Paul

      The multipack Bud have been 300ml for years now. I thought everyone knew that, as you often get these in the pub, at full price.

  3. Zaccone

    Miller have been doing this 300ml bottle thing for years. Its a shame to see other companies starting to do similar, its awfully misleading. A surprising amount of people don’t seem to notice it.

    Plus, more importantly, 300ml is not enough beer to have in one drink. You just fly through them.

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      To be fair, if you drink Miller and or Budweiser then the size of the bottle is hardly the first thing to be pulled up on.

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