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Tesco, Clearwater, Finglas, Dublin 11

Rob writes:

Tesco are opening a new budget range to compete with Lid and Aldi [in the UK]. They’re calling it Jack’s – not sure it’s the best name? Do you think they’ll bring it to Ireland?


Tesco to launch new discount chain Jack’s next week (The Guardian)


Ah here…

Lois writes:

So this is how Aldi take the gluten out of the bread..Bought in Aldi Terenure [Dublin 6] this morning. It was sure a disappointment. All i wanted was a slice of toast after a ten-hour nightshift



This morning.

From left: Gavin Carey Danny Nash,  Ben Mulvey and Hope Glynn with Former Irish International rugby star Paul O Connell in Aldi Terenure at the launch of Aldi Play Rugby.

Aldi Play Rugby is an IRFU initiative aimed at assisting teachers, coaches and parents involved in rugby at primary and early secondary school level to “deliver an introduction to repeated concussion rugby for boys and girls”.



An Taoiseach Enda Kenny  hijacks joins the photoshoot.




Ah here.

Patrick Lehane writes:

Not sure if Aldi are taking the Finding Dory movie a bit literally by including film merch AND fishing gear in their specials next week….

Specials, Sunday July 24 (Aldi)

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Mickey Twopints asks:

Since the Central Bank of Ireland introduced “rounding” of change for cash transactions in shops and supermarkets, I haven’t heard a complaint, nor do I have one to offer. Except, that is, to the signage on display in each branch of one of our favourite German supermarkets.

No mention there of the voluntary nature of the arrangement, the rights of a customer to demand exact change, or of the “policy” of the Central Bank (detailed in their “Rounding – Retailer Guidebook”):

“(the retailer)…could also choose to apply Rounding in a compulsory manner at some part of their store, as long as the customer has some option in that store to get their exact change if they want it.

For example, they could apply compulsory rounding at self serve machines and to direct customers who want exact change to manned tills. In such cases the options should be clearly communicated to the customer with appropriate signage.”

Incompetence or Germanic arrogance? Was sagst du?