For Your Consideration: Give Pearse A Chance


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Was it for this?

An excerpt from a radio comedy pilot (originally recorded in 2003) on the 1916 Rising written by Karl MacDermott and featuring the voice talents of Conor Lambert, Morgan Jones, Karl MacDermott, Deirdre Monaghan and Colette Proctor. Produced by Daniel Reardon.

(Thanks Karl MacDermott)

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2 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Give Pearse A Chance

  1. On The Buses

    There is plenty of information that is ripe for satire about the Pearse brothers. So much so that it must have been more difficult to not say anything at all about their actions. The only jokes here being that Willie seems to have completely forgotten that they are staging a revolution and the hack accents they gave the pair.

    Willie Pearse sculpted nude statues of their teenage students in St. Enda’s whilst Padraig was training them for an armed take over of the government. Surely these satirists would have had better fodder for comedy if they focussed on that rather than portraying the Pearse brothers as just being a bit forgetful and having funny voices.

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