45 thoughts on “‘Mr Carey Does Not Know If The Allegations Relate To Him’

  1. Sam

    Headlines in tomorrow newspapers are written as if he is denying specific allegations, rather than denying knowledge of them… hmmm, are the editors being sensationalist and irresponsible? I wonder…

    1. Kieran NYC

      Shocked! shocked! that they would do such a thing.

      Now that they’ve forced him to break the story himself, they get to use his name and picture next to words like ‘child abuse’. Doesn’t even ultimately matter if it’s true or not, they’re ‘reporting his response’ and avoiding tricky legal territory.

      Charming people.

  2. Bonzor

    Worth noting that this is the first *major* story broken by the Indo since Kevin Doyle became political editor. Pretty shambolic if his first big story has left an innocent man’s life in tatters. Time will tell.

    1. J

      Equally shocked at the behaviour and language used by the media. If allegations are not proven , then heads should roll. Let’s not do a Watson on it .

  3. some old queen

    Surely the Gardai would have interviewed the person whom the allegations have been made against by now? I find it hard to believe that the person concerned does not know they are under investigation at this point.

        1. Lilly

          He. It’s ludicrous to imagine he would have stepped down as FF Director of Elections unless he knows he’s under investigation.

          1. some old queen

            Or we are witnessing a very homophobic agenda at play and in this day and age, that is even harder to believe.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Ah here Lilly
            His stepping down has as much to do with the potential for being a pooDirector of Elections

            Sum’ting else

            Pat Carey being the name attached to this investigation has a naw’full smell of Rabbit plop off it

          3. Lilly

            Think about it Frilly, would you resign from your job over some vague allegation you read about in the newspaper that pointed the finger at an unnamed person in your profession because someone in the gym said it referred to you? No you would not!

            Nonetheless, this stinks of more Garda leaks to the Indo courtesy of the toxic Stephen Rae umbilical cord. Reports this morning have varied from ‘low end of the scale – will be difficult to prove’ (Indo) to ‘serious abuse’ (RTE Radio 1). Either way, Pat Carey has done himself no favours by denying all knowledge – just not credible.

          4. Vote Rep #1

            They had someone from the Indo on the radio this morning. Allegation is from a woman. Things happened in Dublin & the midlands. Carey wasn’t mentioned.

            Maybe I am being niave but if its a woman who has made the allegations against an unnamed person, how likely would it be that the person is a gay man?

          5. Nially

            ” would you resign from your job over some vague allegation you read about in the newspaper that pointed the finger at an unnamed person in your profession because someone in the gym said it referred to you? No you would not!”

            No, but I’d resign from his job, or a similar highly public role where this kind of allegation, if made properly in two months’ time, would tank not only me but damage loads of my colleagues and friends. I think he’s a t**t in general, and I hate FF, but I entirely see (and grudgingly respect) that he seems to be trying to limit the damage to everyone here.

            Mental that this is all happening with no official word and (apparently) not a word to him personally from the Gardai.

          6. Frida

            Indeed Nially. But would you not seek clarification from the Gardai before tendering your resignation that you were the subject of the allegation?

        2. Frilly Keane

          Here Lilly
          Pat Carey did himself no favours by accepting the Director of Elections role

          Why can’t he be happy with his handsome pensions and ûck off on an extended honeymoon

          He put himself in line for a hiding
          One way or another

          As an aside folks
          The press
          All ov’em
          Across all media forms
          And at all levels
          Have conducted themselves disgracefully

          They can never recover any respect

    1. Lilly

      Do you really think that’s what this is about? Reports yesterday said a similar allegation was made by another person in 2005, referring to the same individual and time but it wasn’t until another person came forward that it was given credence. That would suggest that it has nothing to do with him being gay.

      1. Joan Burton

        No it would suggest that the anti gay lobby started a rumour about this poor chap to have him hung drawn and quartered before the investigation has even gotten to interview the alleged culprit.

        1. Frida

          No way he would have stepped down unless he had a bit of insider info here. No way FF would have accepted his resignation either. Any other conclusion is ridiculous.

    1. Frilly Keane


      Now on 3…..
      How do you solve the problem with Mariaaaaaah
      How do you find a sap and pull him doooowwwnnnn

      Take it away lads

  4. george

    If he wasn’t the accused I’m sure the Gardaí would have told him he was not under investigation if asked.

  5. Deluded

    Why were the allegations
    “not taken seriously”?
    If I said they had cut me off at the traffic lights he/she would have gotten a call from the Guards.

    1. Frida

      My guess is this has been brewing for a while and he has been well aware of it. According to the Indo, “Ex-minister says he is ‘aware of innuendo’ about sex abuse claims. So the logical thing to do would be ring the Gardai and ask “is it me?” before stating categorically, “I’m not being investigated” (if that were the case). Not handing in his resignation and making this ridiculous statement. Jeez… does he think we’re all 10 years old.

      1. some old queen

        He is a senior politican who would have made it his business to find out if he was under investigation. Maybe not officially but none the less. I see a smoke screen here. Whoever this person is, they are going to take others out with them.

      2. ahyeah

        “does he think we’re all 10 years old?”

        Pretty much how Irish politicians view the electorate, sadly.

        1. FreshFish

          And the rest of the elite

          Evidence includes the crap we read here weekly from nobodies like Anne Marie McNally, Mercille and that Dan Boyle gobspoo

  6. ollie

    Amazing that Pat Carey would reck his reputation to benefit “da party”.
    Irish politics sure is a strange beast

    1. Frida

      What on earth makes you think he is wrecking his reputation to benefit da party? What am I missing here? His reputation is being called into question by allegations of abuse. He’s not falling on the sword for ‘da party’ but because he has no option. Presumably.

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