Who Has My Pineapple?



This painting (above) was lost yesterday “somewhere between” Convent Avenue by the seafront in Bray [Co Wicklow] and Greystones [Co Wicklow]

Tara Sterling-Boyle writes:

A piece from Bray artist Shane Blount has gone missing. Spread the word – Reward offered!


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6 thoughts on “Who Has My Pineapple?

  1. Harchibald

    Great painting. Made me google your man. His stuff looks great. http://shaneblount.blogspot.ie/

    Silver cloud of losing this painting means more people will hear about him. Or he’s just pretending it was stolen to get the exposure; which is absolutely fine by me. Good luck to him.

  2. Carlos Strange

    Ugh, this totally explains that impromptu pineapple-and-jelly picnic I had at the seafront. I thought it was just the hallucinogenics that made it taste like paint and canvas.

    Hope it turns up.

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