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  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Sunday Independent leads off with a front page from Brendan O’Connor?
    -Really? Brendan O’Connor?

    I can’t read it at this resolution, and I’m sure that that’s a blessing*.

    Brendan O’Connor?

    * apologies to Frilly for using the B word.

    1. Dong

      Ah, don’t get me started. How it disguises itself as broadsheet is a mystery. It’s basically HELLO magazine for south county dublin, full of orange people brown nosing each other.

      1. Cluster

        Get out of it with South Dublin.

        I’ll wager that almost every middle Ireland household around the country has a copy of the Sindo today, like every Sunday.

        1. Lilly

          I’d say the Sindo doesn’t fare at all well in South Co Dublin. Strikes me as targeting a lower socio-economic readership as well as rural Mass goers who’ve never been to college. South Co Dublin goes mainly for The Sunday Times or skips the newspaper altogether.

    2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I’ll bet any money that O’Connor names the band who were playing in the Bataclan.
      Nobody else does, except RTE early this morning, once.

      Don’t look it up.
      It’s not helpful. It’s just a cheap shot for mediocre ‘journalists’.

      I bet he did.

      1. Twunt

        What is your point? I quite like the band that were playing, but I’ll admit they have a very misleading name.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          My point is that it’s both insensitive and misleading to include it in any serious report.
          I think the band you claim to like would agree with me.

          So, anyone with better eyesight…did he mention their name? He did, didn’t he?

          1. Dong

            I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me and it’ll happen to you too.

          2. Linbinius

            Yes. It is journalism. Where what information you don’t use can be as important as the stuff you do.

            Memes has a point.

            Journalism also has a lower case J in that instance, rotide. It was late. You were probably sauced up so copy and pasted it because the u confused you. It’s cool.

          3. Pedeyw

            What is anyone talking about? Why not name the band? The BBC conducted a phone interview with one of the members on Friday night. I’m very confused.

          4. rotide

            What pedeyw said.

            What exactly is the issue with naming the band. You are being as ridiculous as badatmemes

          5. pedeyw

            Maybe the death metal bit is insensitive or something? I doubt the survivors of the attack, who are also fans of them, would care much.

          6. Linbinius

            It’s the name. I know who the band is. However, if i didn’t know the band and heard the name in passing I may think that they were directly targeted. The name does conjure up in the mind an impression of the band that is far from the truth.

            To just say “a band” you completely avoid such confusion. I don’t think there is a right and a wrong, just that memes had a point about using the name. He was also using it as a stick to beat Brendan. I love when people beat Brendan and that paper.

            Ye feel me?

          7. pedeyw

            I don’t see any problem with reporting or not reporting the name of the band. It doesn’t really matter who was playing, the attack wasn’t specifically targeted at them, but I also don’t see how naming them is that bad a thing either, unless you’re trying to imply something.

          8. rotide

            I’d never heard of the band before friday. When i heard the name, my mind didn’t conjure up squat and I didnt think they were directly targeted.

            Partly because of you know, the other 5 attacks that happened before that one but mainly because I’m not a moron.

            I cannot believe this is actually a discussion point.

  2. Twunt

    So Angela’s open door to refugees allowed a terrorist to sneak into Paris and murder French citizens. Many predicted this would happen but were dismissed as cranks and racists.

    As for Nobel prize winner Barry Obama, that maan has more blood on his hands than Cheney and Bush. At least with that dastardly duo you knew what you were getting.

      1. Twunt

        If, after 8 years, you cannot see what a duplicitous traitor Obama has been, well then you are one of many blinkered democrats. Many democrats see themselves are morally and intellectually superior to GOP supporters. Most are now engaged in a massive self deception about the Obama era.

        1. FreshFish

          What’s your point? The chief executive simply implements board strategy. What the hell else did you expect from Obama? Are you a simpleton?

          1. Twunt

            and is he not responsible for creating that strategy, for creating a vision?

            If you think not, then have a look in the mirror when saying simpleton.

        2. jungleman

          I’m generally quite critical of Obama, and he has been something of a disappointment. It should be noted that much of this is really due to the republican majority who are willing to vote against Obama whatever the cost for US citizens.

          But I would argue he did well not to bomb Assad 2 years ago when the hawks were pushing for it. I think in years to come he will be judged on that decision. We would be looking at a much worse situation if the Syrian forces were bombed.

          Your comments would fit in seamlessly on a staunchly republican comments thread.

        1. pedeyw

          If the best defense you can come up with against someone saying you’re racist is technicality of phrasing, you’re in trouble.

      1. Twunt

        Nah, I’m not a racist, not xenophobic, which would be the correct term for you slur agaist me. I am just aware that not everybody wants to just get along, that many people wish us great harm and we should be vigilante against those people.

        Letting one million people walk into European form a warzone that threatens us was extremely stupid.

          1. Twunt

            and my point is that it was stupid, naïve and downright dangerous to think that those that wish us I’ll would not use this to attack, which they did.

          2. pedeyw

            Closing off all borders is very much playing into ISIS hands, though. They want Europe to be scared and mistrustful of refugees and immigrants. I suspect the openness most of Europe showed towards refugees shocked them a bit. That’s not forgetting that at least one of the attackers is a French citizen.

        1. Charlie

          Compared to Bush, Obama is a hero. Obama may not have been as aggressive as his predecessor but he has done more to improve US goodwill around the world that I thought could have ever been possible after the total mess he had inherited.

          1. Charlie

            Meddled? The U.S has meddled in almost every nation since WW2. They’ve always been damned if they do and damned if they don’t when nations come screaming for their help. Obama’s meddling was non-existent compared to his predecessor. Iraq and Afghanistan were Obama’s poison chalice and he has done very well in winding down their involvement in that disgusting lie of a situation. He has not committed any more of his military to death with disgustingly poor decisions.
            His success at home has been limited but he deserves great praise for his Health Care reform/Universal after five previous presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance. Give the guy some credit.

          2. Charlie

            Jungleman. Hard to believe but you’ve totally missed my point. Nobody is disputing the fact that Iran and Afghanistan are a mess. Read my post again with both your eyes and engage your tiny brain.

          3. jungleman

            I read it perfectly the first time. Those countries are currently a complete mess and Obama has utterly failed to restore order to Afghanistan and has overseen a US policy which refuses to acknowledge the reality on the ground in Syria. Let’s not forget it was Obama’s policy to support the “moderate rebels” in Syria, a grouping which either does not exist or is so minuscule that it is irrelevant to the state of affairs in Syria. This of course is due to his refusal to recognise that a strongman leader (Assad in this case) is the only option, and indeed due to his administration’s agenda of removing Assad. The situation in Syria is directly linked to that of Iraq.

            Aside from the Syria- Iraq connection, the US-trained Iraqi forces have proven to be completely inefficient. It is quite a while since Bush was head of the US forces, and it is impossible not to hold Obama responsible for the current state of affairs there.

            I have acknowledged that he resisted calls to bomb Assad and commend him for that. But if he was smart enough to realise that that would have been a catastrophic mistake, surely he realises that Assad is the only game in town. His refusal to admit this and adjust US foreign policy accordingly shows weakness and a complete lack of leadership.

          4. Charlie

            Firstly, I am not a member of the U.S. electorate. Yet again, you’ve totally missed my point and made a diversion. Afghanistan and particularly Iraq were handed to Obama as a present before he took office. The mess that still exists in both those nations does so because of his predecessors poxy decisions and was on a hiding to nothing to try fix that. It’s much harder to end a war than begin one.
            Obama and the people of the U.S. know it was a huge mistake and Obama has kept his end of the bargain by withdrawing the troops.
            I urge you to go back to my original post and read it word for word and not let your obvious hatred of everything American cloud your poorly clouded bigoted political views. Obama is no genius or legend and I’m no fan but he has helped restore a modicum of respect and goodwill for the U.S. that had been totally destroyed and lost due to the idiot in chief who preceded him.

          5. jungleman

            It’s a pity that you feel the need to keep throwing insults my way. Not a great way to get your point across.

          6. Charlie

            Ha. “Get your head out of your bottom”, “Dope” etc etc. Kettle? Pot? Black?
            I guess I touched a nerve. We’ll leave it there do.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I forgot about that.
      U2 are due to play Paris tonight, I think. (Maybe I misheard.)

      Bono, do you ever know when how to shut up?
      Is it always about selling tickets*?

      *Shouldn’t it be about cancelling and refunding, and maybe showing some respect and decency? I don’t know, I’m not a Christian like you. I don’t know how it works in your tiny mind.

  3. sparkilicious

    shoo badatmemes. U r a tres unfunny poster. Go find a different website to troll with your banterless banalities.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Granted sparkilicious, you’re funnier than me.

      Look up ‘trolling’, and stop making me laugh.

      1. jungleman

        Jan o’sullivan, on week in politics this morning, couldn’t give a straight answer when asked about whether we should be speaking out against Saudi Arabia.

        Maybe she was just too thick to understand the question.

          1. Lilly

            In a way I agree but in reality, if you’re a member of a party, by definition such things have to be agreed in advance. They don’t call it Diplomacy for nothing.

    1. Linbinius

      So you rip bad at memes for being a bit strange then plus one this inane comment.

      The comment section of BS really is a special breed.

    2. Pedeyw

      Nope. It’s tribalism. Religion is just an excuse used to justify the violence. Humans are terrible, if we somehow got rid of religion there would be plenty of other excuses to justify atrocities.

  4. Custo

    I await the next guilt trip article from a student in Crete telling us that we definitely should take in more Syrian refugees.

    1. Deluded

      Good point.
      We should have built a wall around Islamia before we Barry Obama started bombing it.
      ^^^ that bit is sarcasm ^^^

        1. Deluded


          the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.
          “her public persona”
          a role or character adopted by an author or an actor.
          synonyms: image, face, public face, character, personality, identity, self, front, facade, mask, guise, exterior, role, part
          “his brash public persona is a facade for a very vulnerable man”

  5. some old queen

    Interesting point made on RT news this morning. Apparently they believe that they will go to hell if killed by a woman. So the Kurdish women have taken up arms. Brilliant.

    1. Twunt

      I saw that show or RT news. Very impressive women ready to fight and die to create an equal Kurdistan. The wanted an Arab country with a female leader, if they do get a country I back them to elect a woman.

  6. Bill

    All those people who were offering rooms for Syrian migrants have gone very quiet lately. Army’s need to be stationed on the Greek Islands right away to stop the terrorists gaining access to Europe illegally and causing more incidents like the Paris attacks.

    1. mauriac

      let the neighbouring countries look after them( with continued EU financial support ) till the civil war is over .Nuts like Merkel invited millions.

    2. Twunt

      Hopefully she falls on her sword over this, it was a totally bonkers to just let’s millions in and now she had blood on her hands.

  7. Kdoc

    The only people arrested so far for questioning are relatives of a terrorist who was from Paris. The authorities now appear to believe that the Syrian passport is fake.

  8. Charger Salmons

    More evidence that Nigel Farage and UKIP have been right all along – uncontrolled immigration and open borders will prove to be a disaster in Europe.

  9. badatmemes

    It wasn’t Merkel or Obama or Hollande who set the seeds for this.
    It was Bush and Bush and their buddies.

    Jeb! says he can fix it. It’s his new slogan in his presidential campaign, so it must be true.
    (Jeb! is a big fan of Bob The Builder, apparently. )
    Vote for Jeb! America, vote for Jeb!

    Only messing…Vote for Bernie Saunders and make Elizabeth Warren vice-president, whether she likes it or not.
    And sort out Congress so that your government can function
    That’s the only logical solution I can think of.

    1. badatmemes

      YOU made this mess America.
      Give Bush a good licking, and don’t give Trump or Carson a look in.

      Get out and vote Ameerica

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