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  1. Really?

    3 bombers identified to date are French.

    Apparently France needs a way to keep out the French before it needs to worry about others.

    1. Annie

      Exactly, a problem also facing the UK – home-grown terrorists. As one analyst opined, it is not always the usual suspects in the sense that a lot of these young Muslim men and women turned into jihadis are often educated and without any noteworthy criminal past. That is not to suggest that there are others abusing the refugee crisis for their bloodlust. Surely this must also give Germany a cause for concern given the volume of migrants it has taken in. What if, in a decade or two, Germany is faced with a sizeable proportion of its Muslim immigrant population disgruntled and alienated from mainstream society and not providing them with the life to which they once aspired and/or a society which does not correspond to their “values”? Whether it is Belgium, France, the Netherlands or Sweden, there are a lot of immigrant populations living totally apart from mainstream society and a simmering persistent anger afflicts some in these communities…

      What is to be done?

      1. babylonzoo4ever

        yeah ok so let me get what your saying, they ”feel” ”alienated” form society. that seems like justification for cold blooded murder.
        go to cop on school and get some.

      2. Kieran NYC

        Ah yes. All Muslims think the same, of course. They download the update from the hive mind.

        And even when they’re born and raised Germans, they’re still just Muslims.

        1. Sido

          When you start trying to analyse the situation, the name that keeps on cropping up is Saudi Arabia. And I don’t mean “because Mecca” before you start.
          9/11 – Saudi Arabians
          Syria – Saudi – sponsorship of friendly terrorists to overthrow “brutal” Shiite government.
          British Terrorists attended mosques sponsored by ?

    2. mauriac

      pithy but extend that thought.some of these young nuts are second generation french but not integrated and you think that this is an argument for opening the borders to more of the same type ?

      1. Annie

        What do Western nations need to do? Integration has been a complete failure in the Netherlands which actively promoted Muslim and other minorities completely living apart from mainstream Dutch society if they so wished. In France (and Belgium) there has been a traditional problem with integrating (and discriminating against) those from the Maghreb with a lot, although French born, Les Beurs, alienated from and resentful of the French state. In the UK, they have perhaps a better record on integration but yet generate their own home-grown terrorists. The children of the Gastabeitern have found some level of acceptance and integration in Germany but given that they are mostly Turkish, there isn’t any cultural tradition of radicalisation in that community or the same threat that might befall newer immigrants arriving from states with a more robust religious ethos.

        1. Sido

          Why are some Muslims normal people and others part of a dangerous hate machine?
          Wahabism, Salafism, Muslim Brotherhood.

          What’s the common factor that American and EU politicians are so blatantly ignore?

        2. Small Wonder

          It almost seems like people who receive immigrants in to their country should be more welcoming in order to help them to integrate. Who’d have thought it? Maybe if we weren’t so quick to shoehorn people in to generalisations, we could all live together in harmony.

          1. Sido

            Why would you assume that to be the case Small Wonder?
            What evidence do you have that that is true?

            Is not Islam itself divisive?
            You are a kaffir an infidel as such you are a worthless individual in the eyes of Islam. Its in the instruction book btw.

    3. Sido

      Its not that simple is it. Though it is fairly simple. Yes they were French. What comes next? Maybe what religion they belonged to would be a start. Its really not that tricky.

    4. Twunt

      So many are so keen to bend over backward to accommodate Islam, that if one of them spat in you face you would pretend it is raining.

  2. CousinJack

    Its a bit too easy to hang the blame on IS than deal with the general problem of islam in the global community

        1. Small Wonder

          What’s that got to do with Islam? Haven’t you heard them saying “not in my name”? As you would say if some nutjobs who claimed to be in the same club as you went around murdering people.

          1. Sido

            What do Islamic terrorists have to do with Islam? Durr, I don’t know Small Wonder, ask me one on sport?

          2. LiamZero

            The sad thing about idiots like you, Sido, is that you have clearly done a little bit of reading about the situation and have used some sort of brainwork to consider it, but yet you come up with the most simplistic, moronic, bigoted conclusion.
            We get that you don’t like Islam, so can you just leave it at that please?

          3. Sido

            Yes Liam Zero – I am a fool.
            But I take time out to try and utilise the brains I have, unlike yourself, who really offers no solutions, and no explanations, other than the mindless clap trap, spewed out by clowns slightly more important than yourself

          4. Nigel

            On the one hand, you could just say ‘radical Islam’ unless you actually want to get bogged down in tedious exchanges like this one or you think all Islam is equally radical and dangerous. On the other hand, radical Islam has a lot to do with the rest of Islam since it’s mostly muslims they’re killing and driving out of their countries and turning their children in jihadists, to say nothing of the anti-Islamic sentiment they’re engendering.

          5. LiamZero

            Thank you Sido, your garbled and incoherent response sums up your level of intelligence. As does your misinterpretation of what I was saying. You are a bigot and bigots are very difficult to reason with and far, far harder to convince of their bigotry. I’m not sure exactly why you think I am here to provide you with solutions and explanations. I’m just advising you that it is clear that all your posts on this issue boil down to your belief that ‘Islam is evil’, and that you don’t need to keep writing them as we get the message.

  3. Smith

    Countless more innocent refugees will die because of the increased border controls. Innocent people will also be massacred in French air strikes on Syria.

    Unfortunately, attacks like these play into the hands of the political ‘right’ and justifies imperialism and western hegemony

    1. some old queen

      The whole thing does not make sense. ISIS is trying to overthrow the Syrian government and so is the west. In theory they are both on the same side except ISIS is also fighting the west? Then there are serious questions as to how they are trained and funded.
      Not that any of this makes any difference to the innocent victims in Paris or Damascus or anywhere else. So much pain and suffering… and for what purpose?

      1. Sido

        Certain strains of Islam – and Western governments attempts to appease the wealthy bigots of (predominately) Saudi Arabia.

        1. Frilly Keane

          But sur’ they’re all bursting t’fall out with Putin

          Obama’s ‘bin one big let down
          Hasn’t he?

          1. Sido

            @ Frilly.
            He looks more and more like the affirmative action president every day.

            The right wing “backlash” won’t come as any reaction. It will happen naturally because the left decided to stop using its brains.

        2. Sido

          Syria’s “Arab Spring” kicked off, because Syria would not let Qatar run a gas pipeline through its country to supply Europe, thus breaking the Russian Gazprom monopoly.

          Interested parties
          Qatar – wants gas pipeline, (Sunni/Shite loathing)
          Saudi Arabia – Sunni/Shite loathing X 1000
          Israel – Wants part of Syria for Greater Israel
          America – Tries anything it can to undermine Russia, ally of Saudi Arabia and Israel.
          EU – Wants gas pipeline, poodle of America.

    2. Deluded

      I disagree, Frilly.
      Bosnia-Herzegovina was a war, replete with ethnic cleansing and 1.2million displaced. 800,000 returned home but Kosovo and Serbia remain a major source of refugees according to UNHCR.ie
      Perhaps there are some lessons to be learned there.
      The UNHCR also outline how Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran have 3.7million refugees between them and that most refugees are still within their own borders in Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. Nowhere near us.

      I offer this for recent historical perspective
      (Globe-and-Mail is Canadian centrist newspaper with a Liberal-economic stance*).
      *Liberals, later called Libertarians, favour open-borders and migration of workers as required.

      The Reformation might be a better reference for a “Europe at War”. Maybe Abrahamists can learn to live together or go to hell with their apocalyptic visions.

  4. ollie

    How do you vet someone with no identification?
    If I want to drive a taxi I have to be garda vetted, but if I have a false name, no passport, no history I can get a licence.

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