The Happy Ring House



This morning.

Unidentified venue, Cork City

Dolores Murphy (right) and Mabel Stoop Murphy become wife and wife following disappointment yesterday (as the same sex marriage law came into effect) when they turned up at Cork Registry Office without a ‘declaration of no impediment’ form.

Dolores gave Mabel the ring her mother wore on her wedding day


Via Paul Byrne TV3

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32 thoughts on “The Happy Ring House

  1. Trystan

    I thought you had to give 3 months notice for registration of marriage. Did this change too? Can someone enlighten me, please?

        1. Trystan

          Oh look, I found it
          Anyone registering for marriage must wait three months before a ceremony could be held, but this does not apply if there is an existing civil partnership

          Thank goodness for you Mr. T. Now, have some milk and help the elderly cross the road – you helpful little scallywag

    1. ahjayzis

      Pretty sure if you’ve given three months notice for a civil partnership, it counts as the three towards marriage. Or maybe they’re upgrading their CP.

  2. ollie

    “And as usual the Government let us down again. It is beyond ridiculous”
    These pair are beyond belief blaming everyone except themselves for fupping up.
    And as for this quote:“(When we marry) I will be legally recognised as his mother. I will have a legal relationship with him. I have been there with him (when he is sick) but it has always been the case of ‘which one is the real mother?’’
    So, when they marry who will be the real mother?

    1. Trystan

      She can legally apply for guardianship – but she won’t be the ‘real mother’. Not meant as controversial – just the facts. She can go through the adoption process with her wife and then, both will be the ‘real mother’.

      1. Neilo

        These things tend to even themselves out over a while: kids will have loving parents. It’s a better start to any given day than a bowl of Ready Brek.

          1. Neilo

            It’s something I’ve believed for a long time, meadowlark. By Broadsheet standards, I’m a small-t Thatcherite but I’m a small-c conservative with a light dusting of hawkishness. Meaningful work, education, love of tradition and a stake in the future are bedrock elements of a stable society: these – to me – intriguing, new variations on the nuclear family will embody these elements, and so much more.

          2. Neilo

            *Packs away mouse and keyboard on receipt of the mother’s milk of praise from two very smart posters* Have a cool Yule, everybody!

    2. ahjayzis

      Kids have had fathers and stepfathers and mothers and stepmothers for millennia, having a new second, third, fourth parent isn’t a big social change, I think it’s pretty great for a kid, chillax the cacks there, chicken.

      If it makes you uncomfortable that this child will have still have a parent if the worst were to happen to his biological mother, the problem is yours.

        1. ahjayzis

          That’s pretty fair, I think. In the case of remarrying the other parent should have a say or it’s totally muscling him/her out of the picture.

          I was responding to ollie’s brainfart above where he just discovered the concept of step-mothers and step-fathers.

          1. Kieran NYC

            Which we’ve just seen isn’t maaaaybe for the best for the kids of that man from Limerick who was killed in the US…

  3. Cup of tea anyone

    I don’t understand why they say that “as usual the Government let them down”. I got married abroad and had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the right firms filled out to make sure everything was right for the day. This attitude of “someone should have told us” is just silly.

    I made it my business to look up all the things I need to do. And if other same sex couples can get married on the day then the information is out there somewhere.

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