10 thoughts on “They Come Down Here

  1. Punches Pilot

    A) A Dublin Registration Plate does not a Dublin Driver necessarily make
    B) What space! I cant even see a clearly defined space. Cant see any signage denoting this to be a wheelchair space either. Someone better have words with the management here.
    C) Like in fairness !!!!!

    Culchies, little to be doing. Sitting down there, living off our subsidy ,doing feck all :-)

    1. Cup of tea anyone

      The big corner space looks like it is just a corner. I would gladly park to the left of the merc and block them in.

      And you often see the handicapped parking on a sign beside the wall. So in this case it would be hidden by the window ledge there.

      darn Dubs coming out of the Pale

    2. Bingo

      Don’t forget the culchies working in the big smoke are paying taxes too you know!
      Bloody Dubs, 90% of them are no more than two generations out of the bog….

    3. Mister Mister

      Yeah, a lot of bog trotters come live and settle in Dooblin and therefore by cars here, with Dublin registration plates. Filthy muckers.

  2. Party mark

    Meh, boggers are the worst offenders for parking in handy cap spots so I wouldn’t take the original posters word on it.

  3. Murtles

    An absolute disgrace…..that you wouldn’t use your vantage point to peg a few eggs down on top of the cars. You reap what you sew…..sow…..all of the above.

    1. ReproBertie

      Here now is a word that you can say in English and that people will understand but that doesn’t actually exist.
      The farmer sows seeds.
      The tailor sews suits.
      The farmer and the tailor both s_w.

  4. ahjayzis

    Probably some muck-savage sister-shagger after buying a second hand Dublin reg car. You can clearly see the stink lines from the bang of cabbage and isolation.

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