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This afternoon.

Baile na Laochra (Town of the Heroes), Poppintree, Ballymun, Dublin 11

Building work starts on the site where Dublin City Council has entered into a contract with Western Building Systems to provide 22 modular homes. to wit:


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Sam writes:

The first stage of modular home provision consists of two-storey, three-bedroom homes which will be available for families to move into before Christmas.  It is estimated that the cost for the provision of the 22 homes will be €4.2 million…

Modular Housing – Baile na Laochra (Dublin City Council)

(Dublin City Council)

(Sam Boal/

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52 thoughts on “All Modular Cons

  1. dav

    22! christ, it should be 2,200 at least. 1500 children homeless in this great little country. irish political class should hang their heads, but such people can feel no shame.

        1. scundered

          True, and I have every sympathy for those who have an enormous amount of bad luck in life, however I think we have a bigger problem with those who see the government as the source and solution to all their problems, instead of maybe looking within.

          1. scundered

            …if you don’t like your circumstances in life, get off your bum and change them. Everyone is the product of their own decisions.

          2. Brian Shaler

            Just look at Queen Elizabeth.Living in the most horrendous conditions.Decided,I want to be queen.Put the hours in.Made it.From scratch.She is now queen of you and I.

          3. dav

            Would it have been extremely difficult for this government to mark the so-called “improvement in the economy” with something grand, something statesman like, something that they could turn to their grand-kids and say they were a part of it.
            A National housing scheme for the provision of free/affordable government owned housing for those that required it.

          4. DubLoony

            Like the 2 billion allocated to social housing?
            To obtain sites, complete the planning process, actually build houses would take a minimum of 18 months – 2 years. so it will be done, just doesn’t look like it in the short term.

          5. scundered

            nothing to do with material things Anne, it starts with taking responsibility for yourself and anyone else you choose to bring into the world. Get clean, get educated, get a job, get stability, stop blaming others.

          6. Anne

            When rents are upwards of 1,300 a month and with the exorbitant over priced housing market here, I think there are homeless people with jobs, who are clean etc.
            You can only take responsibility for what you’re responsible for. Homeless people are not to blame for the housing market here, they’re a consequence of it.

            Jog along now and go on away and work on your empathy for others not in the same boat as yourself.

          7. Scundered

            If you really want a solution to your problems you’ll make it happen, stopping playing a victim would be a good start on that road. Save up, buy a house, move outside the city, whatever it takes, instead of excuses dressed up as reasons.

          8. LJK

            Agree fully with Scundered on this one.
            Anne, try another perspective from your own and ease up on the sensationalism.
            Responsibility in life lies with individuals, not the government.

            Rent doesn’t cost 1,300 per month everywhere. I know a couple paying 350 per month for a lovely 3 bed semi in Longford. It’s not D4 but are homeless people asking for a home or are they asking for a lifestyle? And you don’t need ‘a few hundred grand’. The house my mate lives in was bought last year for 42K, after all costs. Not everyone has this money, fair enough, but putting focus on solutions to situations rather than focusing on the problems makes much more sense.

            I don’t think anyone is accusing homeless people for the housing market. Yes, they are a consequence, however those people have options. Everyone should be looking for their options to resolve their situation, rather than expecting the government to solve it for them…which would never be an acceptable solution anyway, judging on how much shit they are getting for providing a solution.

          9. Anne

            ” It’s not D4 but are homeless people asking for a home or are they asking for a lifestyle?”

            Yeah, because shacking up in a B & B is living the dream isn’t it?

            Look within and move to Longford..
            Yer solutions are about as useful and Enda and his poems.

          10. LJK

            Anne… You ignored everything i said about a cheaper alternative and came back with absolutely nothing of note. You probably shouldn’t have bothered to be fair.

            ‘Yeah, because shacking up in a B & B is living the dream isn’t it?’
            You’re being sensationalist again.

            I’m not saying its the dream. I’m saying i think your argument is flawed. Rent doesn’t need to cost 1300 if you don’t have that money. There are alternatives. I gave an alternative solution which could work for some people.
            I fail to see why you consider this solution ‘as useful as End and his poems’. Please explain.

            As for the ‘Enda’s poems’ comment. A perfect example of Scundered’s point. There was no need to mention or criticise Enda or his poems, but he’s an easy target to attribute criticism/ blame to, so why not, eh?

            For the record, i don’t give a crap about Enda, his poems or the government, but i try to look at it from other perspectives, rather than just my own.

            Anne, what are your thoughts on a solution to the problem?

  2. Condescending Nana

    a shot in the arm for that vibrant and cheerful community. I suppose there was no room in Dalkey or Carryckmines no?

    1. scottser

      different local authority areas. but watch this space, all the dublin LAs are buying into the modular solution for homeless families.

      1. Neilo

        Superb! I look forward to yet more brownfield sites in the South County being designated as Sites Of Special Scientific Interest á la Dalkey Quarry. It is one thing to opine on the plight of the sans culottes and quite another to have their hovels sited next to your bijou residence :)

  3. Clampers Outside!

    That’s an average of €190k per home without a need for a profit margin….. that’s one expensive home that is supposed to be done inexpensively.

    Are taxpayers being ripped off again…? Certainly looks it….. these modular homes are supposed to be the cheaper option, on all levels, so why so expensive?

      1. Ha

        If you look at the price of an apartment for sale in Ballymun back when the market was roughly the same in terms of costs and deduct the 37% the government gets in VAT and other levies directly from the builder then these “houses” are dearer than the private sector was providing.

        If the government wanted to ensure a supply then they should stop taxing the first time buyer so much. Every tax the builder has to pay gets added straight to the cost.

      1. Rois

        Paths, roads, services etc. were already there because the site was due to be a housing co-op 4 or 5 years ago.

    1. edalicious

      I was just thinking that. I wonder if there’s development costs (design, architect, yadda yadda) included in that which won’t be included in future developments?

    2. nellyb

      “Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has said modular houses offered as a solution to the homelessness crisis will cost up to €100,000 each to construct.”…”“The quality is excellent. These aren’t cheap by the way. It’s not a cheap offering,” he said.”
      Are these the same homes? There is a large% hike on the last offer.
      Does the infrastructure cost 50,000.00+ per house?

      1. Bonkers

        Not sure what it costs to rig up to ESB, sewarge, etc but this site is directly across the road from Ikea with plenty of roads already built. The road there even has a 24 hour bus lane even though we don’t have 24 hour bus services. You could say it is future proofed for 24hr bus services in 2050

        Given the council already owned the land €190k per house is an absolute rip IMO, prefab houses can be bought and installed far cheaper than this. Also whats the life cycle of these houses? When initially announced AK47 said 10 years, awful value for money if true. Great for owners of companies like Denis O’Briens Roankabin who will get juicy contracts to replace these yolks every decade.

        Most of us as children spent class time inside a Roankabin prefab, I certainly wouldn’t fancy living in one

      2. Reppy

        On your standard development the going rate is €10k (ex VAT, fees, etc) per house for roads, paths, landscaping, services, etc. Obviously dependent on the number of houses but that’s a guide

  4. sendog

    and where is the tender for this?

    the houses featured in the media a few months ago were from a company that redacted owns!!

    1. WU

      The contract has been awarded following an Accelerated Restricted Procedure (ARP) which means that the tender, design and build process for the homes will be fast-tracked

    2. scottser

      there were 6 providers showing, and roankabin were only one of them. this lot are being built by western building systems from tyrone.

  5. Anomanomanom

    The size of the property and a garden.That place is genuinely the lap of luxury compared to where people I know live. Homeless or not this is to much. They could have used the money more wisely.

      1. Anomanomanom

        yes but why not use the space and money to maximise the amount of accommodation for people. And I don’t mean build dog box’s.

        1. scottser

          This is it. Its lower cost, faster build homeless accommodation for 500 families. Seriously, what does your solution look like?

          1. Anomanomanom

            It looks like what is being built but without TWO gardens. The houses would be built right next to each other like most people in Dublin live in. If I was homeless I’d be happy with a tiny bungalow once it had mod cons and was safe.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m surprised at the two gardens. I would have thought these homes should be consistent with a council flat.

  6. Murph Mickey

    how do you get upstairs, there is no stairs in the design, or doors into the rooms….what a mess. They wont see that problem until they are built…then they will be obsolete….like the voting machines…classic.

    1. LiamZero

      You’re dead right Murph. Also, if you look closely at the first pic, the entire side wall of the building is missing. What are they thinking? All the heat will escape out of the house and burglars will be able to just walk right in. I can’t believe they haven’t spotted this, the fools.

  7. Mr. T.

    So looks like yet another company has profited on the back of misery caused by the failure of Irish government policy to plan for society’s needs.

    These buildings cost far more than units which NAMA sold off to American property investors.

    Our country is run by gangsters. Real gangsters.

    1. Bonkers

      Too true Mr.T, NAMA sold off apartments in the Gasworks, D4 for approx €140k per unit. The Gasworks is prime land and location and now here we are seeing modular housing in Finglas costing the taxpayer €190k a pop

      Don’t even get me started on their sale of Battersea Power Station in London for £400m which was called “deal of the century” by a London property hedge fund manager. He wasn’t wrong either – Phase 1 of Battersea sold £1bn of apartments on its launch weekend and by the time all phases are finished its expected the site will have generated a gross figure of £9bn. NAMA have been pissing away billions of taxpayers money since the day they were established and they’re not even finished yet.

      1. scottser

        You are absolutely correct. There should be no need for these units ideally but believe me, they are badly needed.

  8. munkifisht

    First of all, some of the worst designed homes I’ve ever seen. Literally awful. I can not understand why, after decades of crimes against architecture we continue to allow the most bland and disgustingly turgid filth to be produced. Houses that a 5 year old would be embarrassed about.

    Second, Modular homes are a great idea. These are not it. A modular home is one where you can buy a number of prefab rooms and stick them together. They allow for later expansion, they allow for personalisation, and what’s more, because they’re prefabricated in a factory, they’re generally of a high standard and are very very cheap. These are little more than coffins for the poor. Drawers we can file that little problem away in. They’re horrific.

    Third, what’s the square meterage of these? The most extravagant self builds won’t cost more than €2500/m^2, and that’s for a bespoke one off. That price I am sure is not including the cost of the land. So for the price quoted, what we should expect are houses with a floor space of 76m2, about the size of an small to average sized house. I would guess these are little more than 50m2. What’s more, they are mass produced, are not going to have the highest finish, and prob come in at more like €1000/m^2 or lower. Yep… smells of rip off.

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