You Snooze You WIN



Trouble sleeping?

“SleepAngel™ is the worlds first bedding range clinically proven to block germs, bacteria, virus, nasty dust mites and allergens from contaminating the inside of your pillow while offering a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep.”

it says here on this email we got.

But not only that!

“Waking up refreshed is the dream start to everyday for the whole family. The pillow offers relief and comfort especially to those who suffer from asthma, allergies and any other respiratory issues”


“We are giving away TWO of these medical grade SleepAngel™ pillows to a zzz-loving broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘The last major dream I can recall involved_________________’

Lines MUST close at  5.10pm MIDNIGHT


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47 thoughts on “You Snooze You WIN

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    The last major dream I can recall involved Gabriel Scientific telling me I was blessed amongst women and I was chosen to bring forth a son immaculately who would be great and have his own kingdom and all. Complete fluff if you ask me.

    1. scottser

      not all fluff, hoop:

      (Softness; Support; Throw pillow) In a dream, a pillow represents money, a husband, a wife, a confidant, or children.

      A pillow in a dream also represents a women who knows another woman’s secret and who keeps it hidden from people’s knowledge.

      A stolen pillow in a dream means the death of one’s servant.

      The king’s pillow in a dream represents his deputies, ministers and administrators.

      As for most people, a pillow in a dream represents one’s intimate friends and brethren.

      The interpretation of a pillow in a dream is also similar to that of a mattress or a carpet.

      As for scholars, a pillow in a dream denotes their piety and righteousness. Carrying a pillow in a dream also represents earnings, a cushion, rest, or an illness.

  2. werderbrayman

    me, and the cast of the Muppets storming Bray Head by force, starting at Killiney Beach, by battling thousands of Beakers dressed in full grenadier red coat uniforms. It was awesome but was 15 years ago. I need a higher standard of pillow to induce more and better dreams.

  3. John Sheridan

    I was in new york and got arrested for forging my bosses name to spend $1.20 on the company credit card for a plastic bag. Hundreds of police showed up, even in the dream I thought it was overkill. Still no idea why I was in new york either.

  4. scottser

    george hamiltion’s voice:
    walters to long, he heads it forward to SCOTTSER. he beats jones, he beats smalling and it’s there! harte left with no chance as the ball flies into the top corner. this surely puts the game beyond england’s reach and ireland are now only seconds away from being european champions 2016..

  5. IrishBird

    Just last night i dreamed I was the sole judge in a huge fashion show.

    The show was called “Britians Best Dressed Refugee 2015”. The winner would go on to represent Britian in the World Finals.

    Thankfully, I woke up.

  6. On The Buses

    ‘The last major dream I can recall involved having Christmas dinner with the aul extended family and I finally told my uncle to F*** Off for being a patriarchal douche for the last 27 years. It was great. But then I woke up and realised I wouldn’t dare.”

  7. Clampers Outside!

    The last major dream I can recall involved big open landscapes of what felt like nothing, like a slow wide shot from Utopia, of which I just finished season one before sleepy time last nite.

  8. bertie blenkinsop

    I dreamt I was eating a huge pillow and when I woke up my marshmallow was… no that’s not right…

  9. Cheryl

    The last major dream I can recall involved having to give a presentation to Enda Kenny at short notice. I had no idea what I was talking about so I just kept cracking jokes, dream me thought it went very well, I laughed anyway.

  10. johnm

    The last major dream I can recall involved me having a dream inside a dream inside a dream where i met leonardo dicaprio and told him I hadn’t got a clue what inception was all about!

  11. Lazslo

    The last major dream I can recall involved the Leaving Certificate again. My first day of showing up was the day it started, and pass all subjects or all subsequent degrees etc would be voided. It wasn’t pleasant.

    None of this would have happened had I been in the warm embrace of a SleepAngel™ pillow.

  12. superelectric

    The last major dream I can recall involved me winning two SleepAngel pillows, but everyone knows dreams don’t come through… or do they?

  13. Owen

    The last major dream I can recall involved…

    Touching kids. I often dream about touching kids.

    Touching them with Hope.

    ‘Hope’ is the name of my uncle.

    Give me the pillow, or Hope will find you.

  14. Russell Steed

    The last major dream I can recall involved Major Dad, Major Frank Burns, and John Major. No doubt a panic dream from lack of sleep because my OH sniffles and splutters all night thanks to her allergies.

  15. Eleanor Murphy

    The last significant dream i had was having a large spot on my arm and when i finally popped it, what i can only describe as a boiled egg came out, fully formed but sans shell. I distinctly remember dream self being “WFT!???”

  16. Smashmouth

    The last major dream I can recall involved Martin Luther King, a cadburys cream egg and a protest rally……”I have a cream”

  17. YakYak

    The last major dream I can recall involved… going to an Indian restaurant. The food was so bad I ended up crying. There were… tears on my pilau.

  18. ringusboreum

    The last major dream I had was of a group of us discussing the foundation of a new religion. I was given a magical key, to what I don’t know, but someone was complaining that I should not hold on to the key in perpetuity. Then some naive savant piped up. “Will there be a God ?” This woke me.

  19. Hank

    The last major dream I can recall involved myself and Twink trying to find our way out of a Hall of Mirrors. We’d happened upon one another as we each tried to find a way out and I remember feeling closer and closer to her as we got more and more frustrated as, each time we turned a corner, we were greeted with an increasingly grotesque version of ourselves staring back at us. After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I heard muffled voices at the other side of one of the mirrors and realising that must be the exit, I frantically grabbed Twink’s hand and, elated, we raced toward the exit.
    Once outside, the relief that our ordeal had ended hit us and we fell into each other’s arms in a dizzying, intoxicating embrace. Finally relaxing our embrace, but with her hand still entangled in mine, I realised that there were quite a few people gathered in the vicinity of the exit and they all seemed to be staring at us with a mixture of horror and fascination. Some pointed phones at us. Others just pointed.
    It was at that point that I awoke with a start.
    The dream still swimming through my mind, I knew I must connect somehow with Twink, to see if she felt it too.
    “Maybe she’s on Facebook” I thought, frantically reaching for my laptop.
    It was a Dell.
    And that was when it hit me – it had always been Adele.

  20. Annie Mary

    The last dream I remember was two nights ago. I dreamt that Panti and Shirley Temple Bar were having a battle about who was the best and I was trying to mediate. I was running between the Panti Bar and The George trying to convince them that it wasn’t worth starting a war over. There was a lot of khaki and sequins. They both had a little army of soldiers with guns who were making things worse. I woke up feeling very stressed out.

  21. Karen

    Involved a golf course an elephant caddy and the holes were too small for the concrete type gold balls. Ball goes into rough I follow- it’s actually an elevator with business people in there- I go on my knees to find ball and see all black shoes but one sanders- stand up to be on a beach with the elephant caddy on a paddle board holding flag for the final hole out on it. I realised I don’t have a golf club let alone play the damn sport. Was very stressed.

  22. MoyestWithExcitement

    The last major dream I can recall involved becoming a doctor but apparently beating your brother at Operation 6 times in a row doesn’t qualify one for a medical licence.

  23. Declan

    ‘The last major dream I can recall involved me partying backstage in Space nightclub in Ibiza with my wife, chatting to dj’s, drinking free beer…. and anxiously checking my watch the entire time as we had to get back home to Dublin before midnight as we only had the babysitter till then, and monitoring my drinking as I didn’t want the babysitter thinking we were drunks. We ended up leaving Ibiza at 11:30 and getting back to Dublin at 11:45 thanks to the power of dream-travel. Having a 1 year old child has certainly brought a level of grown-up sensibility to my dreaming’

  24. Mr. P.

    The last major dream I can recall involved me and a tree, and my almost downfall.
    I drove from Dundalk (it was too far to walk) to pick up a goose who had misplaced it’s squalk.
    The weather was poor, raining kittens and hounds, as they fell from the sky they made colorful sounds.
    I rounded a corner, drove into an oak, it was just at this point that I quickly awoke.
    My cursed flat pillows without any life inflict these nightmares upon me and my wife,
    A Sleep Angel Pillow, A comfortable night’s sleep is all that I want when I’m counting sleep.

  25. Anna Brid

    The last major dream I can recall involved….. dreaming that i had forgotten how to do long division.
    When i woke up, it was true!

  26. Stoolio Iglesias

    The last major dream I can recall involved me finding an old photograph of Bruce Grobbelaar and Ian Rush leaving a bank in Solford each carrying a ‘loot’ bag. Seemed like an odd thing for 90’s professional footballers to be up to.

    Later, Kevin Keegan on a bmx on a BMX would harass me into not going to the press with my photo. I hadn’t intended to, but his threatening tone reinforced my earlier decision.

    The dream ended in me eating a donut.

  27. Ciarán Pollard

    The last dream I can recall involved … strutting down the catwalk with Zoolander and Hansel, giving those trigger happy papa-paparazzi what they wanted … Le Tigre, Ferrari, Blue Steel, and of course, Magnum … before waking up face down on the work photo-copier … that 3pm slump is a bitch!

  28. Rkfla

    Firstly I have very strange dreams all the time… Don’t judge me…

    The last major dream I can remember I was getting chased by kids that grew up with that used to always fight me. I was running outside nutgrove shopping centre when I jumped over a trolley but fell then as I thought I was gonna get caught robocop took out a gun and pointed at me, then slightly to the right and shot. I went to check on the person robocop shot when I realised it was Rodney Trotter he was still alive as it was just a tranquilliser dart in his chest then I looked up and got a fright and woke up sweating…

  29. Coco

    The last major dream I can recall involved… shilling a bullsh1t product for greedy commenters on a faltering website.

  30. Joe

    The last major dream I can recall is to going to come true on the 19th December when adult ET will return from space and proceed to kick the poo out of us for being a willy of a species.

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