Luggwoods is a “magical Christmas experience” on the crest of Lugg Mountain, Saggart, Co. Dublin (five minutes from Tallaght).

Daniel Halpin writes:

Luggwoods, named after the ancient Lugg Forest in Saggart will be transporting families by train through the Coillte-owned Lugg Forest to the purpose-built barn style event on top of Lugg Hill. There’s a train journey through the enchanted forest where you can take in amazing views of Dublin, you can also meet and greet the grinch before arriving at Santa’s grotto.

We’d like to offer two family tickets (2 adults and 2 kids) for Broadsheet readers. To enter, complete this sentence:

‘My least memorable Christmas was___________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.40pm


15 thoughts on “Santy Bliss

  1. RockyRoader

    My least memorable Christmas was the time Santa forgot me. I was the middle child of seven, and one Christmas, when I was seven or eight, there was no present for me from Santa.
    My older siblings remember it, but I’ve wiped it from my memory.

  2. pissedasanewt

    I’d never heard of the grinch until that film, now thats part of Christmas.. why doesn’t Christmas have to have a grinch. Throw in something evil to scare people just for the sake of it.

    Its bad enough with stories of some homeless woman giving birth to her kid in a shed full of animals or the mysterious fat guy with a beard forcing his reindeer to work a 24 hour shift on Christmas day.. Christmas day ffs.. oh all days.

  3. Kevin Connolly

    My least memorable Christmas was 1984 or it could have been 1983. I am not really sure as my memory of it is very bad

  4. the good helen

    My least memorable Christmas was when i dislocated my shoulder 2 days before xmas, and on my first day of work holidays – Ice Skating in smithfield. A child tried to save themselves by grabbing me, I continued to grab onto the side rail while being pulled down and POP!!!! shoulder… out… tears… silent tears…. snots…. sticky snots…. bumpy painful taxi ride to hospital…. then…………………………… the whole xmas asking my boyfriend to cut my meat (not in a sexy way) and close my bra (again not in a sexy way)…. pain killers… drifting in and out of blisssssss and confusion… oh its a xmas that is least memorable as i’m unable to even remember what happened, what didn’t happen and at that… why it happened. now i’ve a young son, still a dicky stupid shoulder but a memory of pain changed to a memory of fun shared with my hubby and son (yes he married me even after having to help me in the toilet…. :-)

  5. Toni The Exotic Dancer

    …eating the entire top layer of a tin of USA Assorted biscuits before Top of the Pops, resealing the sello-tape on the tin & then getting sick at the dinner table. Still, at least it gave me room for my selection box.

  6. Ronan

    The one where my brother, feeling especially lazy, wrapped a five pound note in wrapping paper as a present for me.

  7. Erasmus

    My least memorable christmas was when I was on erasmus in France and was due to fly home on St. Stephen’s Day. However on the morning of the flight I slept it out due to a few too many the night before and missed my 4 hour train to Paris to catch my flight. I spent Stephen’s day with a fellow student, trying to get food for the day with €5euro between us. At one stage was eating a baguette with no butter. Then had to spend Christmas day when I finally got home telling my parents that a French train strike made me miss my flight!

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