Sligo Fianna Fáil councillor Joe Queenan on RTÉ Investigates last night

An unfortunate fellow called Joe,
Has accepted it’s his time to go,
After failing to act,
With appropriate tact,
While filmed by an RTÉ show.

John Moynes


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40 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Punches Pilot

    All scumbags. Career politicians, all scumbags, otherwise they wouldn’t want to be in politics. Nothing but a lazy route to gather personal wealth. Certainly not in it for the greater good. I actually cant stand programmes like this as it just reminds how rotten I know the system is. I hate them all. ALL are rotten. Without being up to their neck in it they simply wouldn’t make it in politics so, by default, they’re all dirtbags.

    1. classter

      ‘Career politicians, all scumbags, otherwise they wouldn’t want to be in politics.’
      This is stupid & destructive.

      Tarring all politicians with the same brush suits the corrupt – there are three clear culprits from this investigation. Pillory them rather than moaning about everybody who participates in a democracy.

      1. Punches Pilot

        Nah they’re all in on the game at some level. It always ends up of huge personal benefit to them individually. Whether its simple stuff, double pensions, state board appointments etc etc or out and our corruption like in this case, simple fact is to be good in politics you have to sell your soul or you simply wont get on. They’re all up to their necks in it someway. We don’t need new parties, we need to just get all of them out and start again, civil servants, the lot.

          1. Punches Pilot

            No the anarchy is allow the Status Quo to prevail. Why is it that people automatically assume change is disaster while better the devil you know is the road to Damascus! We live a begrudging existence and tolerance of this shiote because we see this as the truth. The awful truth is to see just over the very low fence, these guys will run like the cowardly thieves that they are, should we confront them. Yeah sure they’ll snarl like cornered rats if we penned them in but its gotta be worth the odd small nip. The unseen hindering of our country that these people are really causing is the anarchy.

        1. scottser

          civil servants too? trust me lad, you wouldn’t get the expertise of me and some (granted, not all) of my colleagues for the peanuts they pay us.

      2. ollie

        Classter, while not all politicians are corrupt the vast majority are in the game for personal gain only.
        Explain why so many claim thousands a month in unvouched expenses, while they continue to claim these expenses even when the Dail is in recess. Explain why Enda Kenny can take time off work and use state funded transport for personal business?

        1. Punches Pilot

          @ Ollie.

          Nailed it. Small town business man ( read crook who hood winked previous crooked local politician to rezone the field) builds 20 houses on a flood plain, sells them via his own auctioneering company and then conveniently lands a government contract to build a school for his mate’s company, a company which he probably didn’t declare any interest in as a director because he has none in it because its his wife/son/dead aunt who’s the director. Bulls**t.

          We know it goes on. They all do it. We accept it. We’re defeated. It’s right to the top. In fact its probably even more so at the razor end. Even goody too shoes Gilmore, a man at the very top, pocketed a fortune with properties sold to the state. Well his wife did or something to that nature so nothing to do with him and sure that was all good luck. Yeah. Rotten. Cant wait for the canvasing to start :-)

          1. 3stella

            Begs the question how serious political parties are about corruption in the the ranks, Did Fianna Fail ever report the theft of 50,000 by Padraig Flynn of a donation as adjudged by the Mahon Tribunal finding, City Manager George Redmond caught with a bag of unexplained cash many times his salary coming back from the Isle of Man, gets his judgement overturned last year for no explicable reason. Liam Lawlor, was a well known planning hustler and jailbird for obstructing justice promoted to the ethics committee by Bertie Ahern, this was just Dublin. skepticism in Irish political ethics and democratic impartiality for the masses is well founded. Gilmartin was right “You F*ckers, make the Mafia look like Monks”

    2. TheDude

      Get with the government PR mantra Punches, it’s just a few bad apples in the barrel man, sure it is

  2. Murtles

    And John O’Donnell from Donegal in todays papers whinging that he was “shocked and disappointed to learn of the deception” by RTE. He bandies about words like entrapment and improper behaviour and makes out like he was the victim. I bet if it was a genuine investor and he got his brown envelope full of cash he wouldn’t be as “shocked and disappointed” at being caught redhanded.

    1. postmanpat

      “deeply” shocked/disappointed/disturbed/etc..etc. “deeply” is the adverb of choice for complete and utter ***ts in politics/big business “tsunami” is another zinger used by public eye ****ts . Came into to popular use after hundreds of thousands of people died in an actual tsunami a decade ago in south east Asia. for example. “I am DEEPLY saddened by the views expressed by the editor. It seems we are experiencing a TSUMAMI of aforementioned blah blah blah……. ” sociopaths all of them.

  3. pillboxhat

    Just this once, is it OK to use the ‘c’ word when referring to these “public servants”?!

  4. DubLoony

    I thought that there would be a caginess, meeting in carparks and secret handshakes or something before the read between the lines conversation takes place.
    No, not our guys, straight out with it. “what’s in it for me”, “I want money”,”I’ve done this before”.

    My jaw dropped last night watching this.
    After everything this country has been through, that these people would be so blatant, so up front like its a normal day at the office.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The dogs in the street knew that this kinda thing went on. Fair play to those that organised the sting operation.
      Planning / rezoning / development was never for the greater good, it was cash-driven.
      I hope people with channel their anger into getting more involved in what their local authorities are at and exercise rights to inspect public documents.

  5. ollie

    No-one’s gone anywhere. One tosser has left da party, big deal. I’m sure he’ll rejoin as soon as the fuss dies down.

    1. Rugbyfan

      despite the fact there is no unions civil servants certainly act like they are in a Union. A job for life without any accountability!

    2. scottser

      it’s so lovely having a right-wing senior citizen on here:
      another cup of tea, nana?
      bloody gays, marrying all the foreigners!!!

  6. Punches Pilot

    Who were the silent names? The guys who didn’t get a mention! There’s a big cohort behind these puppets.

  7. meadowlark

    Why have there been no resignations in the wake of this? Because no matter how many times they say they are “disgusted” or “appalled” or whatever, their corruption has been caught on camera, for all to see. The depth of their corruption, and the casualness with which it takes place should ensure a flurry of resignations. I won’t be holding my breath, however.

    1. Otis Blue

      True, but I prefer this:

      “Dere’s more to Oireland Dan dis”

      Thing about the programme last night is that you could run a weekly series on RTE on the subject and only scratch the surface of what’s going on.

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